28 Feb, 2011 in Montenegro
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Cetinje Monastery - Montenegro-7.JPG

It’s a cute little town, a former capital of the Montenegrin kingdom, Cetinje hosts one of the most famous monasteries in the region, dating back to 1701. It went through some rough times when the Turkish invaded, but has managed to survive till this very day. The Sydney Morning Herald went as far as to […]

26 Feb, 2011 in Angkor
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Bayon - Angkor Thom (15).JPG

Angkor Thom, the ancient capital city of the Khmer empire, is quite remarkable, giving a strong fight to Angkor Wat in the charm score. What makes it so charming? The countless Buddha like faces engraved in the stone all around the temple. A noticed a few tourists trying to track down all the faces in […]

Shem Tov Levi with Maimon Cohen Live at Hebrew University

My sister insists of taking me to all sorts of musical adventures that are somewhat unique, combining her musical tendencies towards Mediterranean Mesopotamian influences. Since I lean towards the mainstream Israeli alternative music (an oxymoron of a sort, I know), she manages to find a sort of a middle-way. Once it was Shlomo Gronich (who […]

Hansen hospital - Jesus Hilfe (33).JPG

One of the houses in Jerusalem’s Talbia has a special story. In one of my recent visits to Jerusalem there was an artist event happening at the former Hansen Hospital, commonly known across Jerusalem as the “Lepers’ Home”. Established in order to serve people suffering from Hansen’s (leprosy) the establishment now stands as a museum […]

Hansen hospital - Jesus Hilfe (13).JPG

Near the prime minister’s home, just off the president’s residences, hosting the lovely Jerusalem Theater and within 5 minutes walk from my parents’ house is the beautiful neighborhood of Talbiyeh. Unless you walk through it, it’s a bit difficult to portray just how lovely it is, gorgeous Jerusalem stone buildings with lovely gardens, most of […]

14 Feb, 2011 in HK Events
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Hong Kong Israeli Film Festival 2011

Beginning of 2011 Hong Kong hosted the Israeli Film Festival with a few Israeli movies showing around cinemas in Hong Kong . It was very surprising to me that Hong Kong locals would be interested in movies from Israel, it’s even surprising to me that they would be interested in Israel, period. But they came, […]

HK Science Museum: Marvellous Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

My first visit ever to the Hong Kong science museum included a very pleasant surprise, a special exhibition dedicated to the “marvelous inventions of Leonardo da Vinchi”.     It’s especially interesting because I just recently finished reading an historical “thriller” called “The Medici Seal”, which details the adventures of …

Albanian League of Prizren-2.JPG

A tragic story of a land beaten by war, it’s slowly attempting to get things back to normal. Welcome to Prizren, Kosovo. It’s a nice little city, bound with lots of interesting regional political history, and walking around it’s hard to imagine there was a war waging about not too long ago. First …

Yuyuan Gardens Shanghai (19).JPG

Located in Shanghai’s old Chinese town near the City God Temple are the Yu Yuan (Yu Gardens) titled by some as the “most lavish and finest Chinese gardens in the region”. Despite the crowds and the very small area, the gardens are pleasure to wonder around in, with Chinese architecture, gardens, pavilions and ponds. …

5 Feb, 2011 in East coast
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North East Train Trip June 2010 (11).JPG

If you’re making your way to the east coast from Taipei, the nicest way to do it is by the slow train taking you through very scenic parts of north-eastern Taiwan.   All the following photos were taken while on the train, on some parts traveling as slow as 30-40km/hour. To me, for …

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