Shanghai Art Museum (2).JPG

There’s definitely a cultural revolution going on in China right now and it has to do with the flourishing arts. If you’re into art then there are quite a few areas in Shanghai for you to explore, but the first stop would definitely be one of the various Shanghai art museums, and the national Shanghai […]

Monastery of Saint Naum-20.JPG

It’s a perfect nature retreat, I only wish I could have stayed longer. Nikola, the local boat-guide at the Saint Naum springs of National Park Galicicia, also gave me a bit of a surprise with his well rehearsed ability to speak and sing Hebrew. He’s quite an adorable gentlemen tour-guide, doing the little he can […]

26 Jan, 2011 in HK Places
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Flower market - Kowloon (16).JPG

Hong Kong’s Kowloon area has got a few theme street markets. One of the famous ones is the flower market which includes a circle of streets near Prince Edwards MTR station all devoted to selling plants and flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes. It’s quite colorful, and very vibrant and crowded, making this an […]

Rozafa Castle - Shkoder - Albania-11.JPG

Set 130m high on a mountain next to Shkodër  in northwestern Albania is the Rozafa Castle. Being on top and looking around you can quickly get a sense of why the castle was setup on that specific location, as it offers panoramic view of the northern border of the now Albania. Being a relatively virgin […]

Jinguashi - Taipei County (44).JPG

Even Taiwan had its own gold rush period, and Jinguashi’s (金瓜石) Gold Ecological Park is where you can tap into that part of Taiwan’s history. It’s only an hour or so to the east from Taipei, up the mountains, going through Jiufen and into the clouds. During my visit tt was a rainy …

22 Jan, 2011 in Angkor
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Ta Prohm Temple - Old Brahama - Tomb Raider (20).JPG

Ta Prohn (Old Brahma) Temple, embarrassingly – best known to tourists as Tomb Raider Temple or Angelina Jolie Temple, is one of the more magical temples in the the Angkor area next to Siem Reap in Cambodia. The special thing about the place is how temple ruins were overwhelmed by the power of …

Rosh Hanikra - Northern Israel (24).JPG

At the tip of northern Israel, just next to the border between Israel and Lebanon, is one magical spot well worth visiting – Rosh Hanikra. Rosh Hanikra is set with gorgeous scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and has some amazing rock formations where land meets the sea. The whole place is absolutely breathtaking and you […]

20 Jan, 2011 in Northern Israel
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Acre - Northern Israel (15).JPG

Acre (Akko), a historical town in northern Israel, is a terrific place to wonder around. It’s got a unique mix of different cultures and religions, with lots of different layers of history and a combination of interesting ancient architecture set on next to the scenic shores of the Mediterranean Sea.   …

Shanghai City God Temple (5).JPG

In Shanghai’s old Chinese town is the City God Temple, dedicated to three of the main city Gods – mortals living in the Shanghai area and turning Gods due to their dedication to their areas. Namely – Huo Guang (~68BC, Han dynasty, a chancellor), Qin Yubo (1295-1373, Yuan dynasty, a civil servent) and Chen the […]

Phnom Pehn Central Market (3).JPG

More than it is for local folks, the Phnom Pehn central market (Phsar Thom Thmei) is another one of those recently renovated building of Phnom Pehn Art Deco French colonial architecture aimed to attract tourists. Seems like there are quite a few of those in Phnom Pehn despite everything it’s been going through, and if […]

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