20 Apr, 2019 in Jerusalem

I spent many years coming in and out of the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus, and never really appreciated it much. It was only earlier this year that I had the chance to come back and visit after many years being away and roam around a bit, experiencing nostalgia, and even being able to enjoy […]

15 Sep, 2016 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo

I think most people visiting Israel are pleasantly surprised by how nice the beaches are in the coastal cities. Tel Aviv, the vibrant energetic heart of contemporary Israeli cultures, boosts a very long coastline with some fine beaches, but those tend to get rather crowded and loud. For the more ‘posh’ and sometimes laid back […]

6 Oct, 2014 in Jerusalem, Visions

Although I’ve lived in Jerusalem for most of my young life, Jerusalem remains a treasure of hidden gems and spectacular beauty. Every time I visit back I get to see and capture more of its beauty, appreciate things that I’ve taken for granted before. Though my photography skills are still quite basic and I mostly […]

14 Sep, 2014 in Southern Israel
Masada Israel (92)

One of Israel’s top tourist attractions,  a spectacular archeological site with a fascinating history, Masada is not to be missed. It’s been many many years since I visited Masada last, and although things are pretty much the same, my perspective and ability to appreciate it have changed allot. Taking more time to go around Israel […]

8 Aug, 2014 in Southern Israel
Tel Arad  Southern Israel (3)

Located between the dead sea and Beer Sheva, close to the desert city of Arad, is Tel Arad, an ancient city dating back to the Early Bronze Age around 5000 years ago. Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to see that are left from the city’s history, one of the largest cities in the […]

4 Jun, 2014 in Northern Israel
Mount Tabor - Northern Israel (1)

Although Israel is tiny, the differences between north and south are huge. The south is mostly desert land, while the north – especially during spring – is lush and green. During my last visit to Israel in March, the north is the perfect place to be. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, rivers with rushing waters, trees […]

28 May, 2014 in Northern Israel
Tel Hazor National Park Israel (24)

Northern Israel is filled with history and throughout the country-side there are UNESCO heritage sites that date back thousands of years. On the opposite site of the Gallillee from the fabulous Tel Megiddo close to the Golan Heights is the Tel Hazor National Park, another gem surrounded by lush green nature. Dating back four millenia, […]

30 Apr, 2014 in Southern Israel
Israeli Air Force Museum Beer Sheva Israel (42)

Aside from the very beautiful desert scenery and perhaps the old town and the Bedouin market there isn’t all that much to do in Beer-Sheva. There is, ofcourse, the Israeli air force museum which I’ve managed to successfully avoid all these years. But, since I was in the area, and it was already an hour […]

29 Apr, 2014 in Southern Israel
Ben Gurion University  Be

During my last visit to Israel I was invited to Ben Gurion University down south at Be’er Sheva to give an academic talk. Though I’ve heard quite a lot about this university, and have a few friends who studied with this university, this was actually my first visit to the university campus. And what a […]

1 Apr, 2013 in Jerusalem, Visions

Wrapping up a six months exchange in Florida State I stopped by Jerusalem for a quick visit before heading back to Hong Kong. I grew up in Jerusalem, I know Jerusalem quite well, but I always find something new and exciting and I could probably never really be oblivious to its beauty. During my …

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