13 Nov, 2008 in HK Attractions
Ngong Ping Lantau Island-1.JPG

Hong Kong’s scenery is really something different. Although it one of the “citiest” cities I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to quite a few, it pales in comparison to the gorgeous natural surroundings of the Hong Kong islands. The contrast between the man-made monster buildings and the islands’ natural landscape makes for a scary […]

11 Nov, 2008 in HK Places
Wong Tai Sin Hong Kong.JPG

Not too far away from Nan Lian Garden, is the very popular Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple which hosts a strange combination of Gods and symbols of different Asian based religions : Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, which gives the district its name, is nowadays one of …

9 Nov, 2008 in HK Places
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong-32.JPG

While the Taiwan blogosphere was meeting up in Hukou, I had to make an unscheduled trip to Hong Kong for about a week. This was my second time in Hong Kong after visiting Hong Kong for a VISA run 3 years ago and that was also for about a week. Since back then I already […]

7 Nov, 2008 in Taipei
YangMingShan Taipei-2.JPG

I’m not really sure where it was. I went up with a bunch of local Taiwanese to some magical spot up in Yangmingshan. The locals grow some special flowers, tea and herbs in a valley enclosed between Yangmingshan’s peeks almost touching the clouds.

5 Nov, 2008 in East coast
Sixty Stone Mountain-99.JPG

Arriving late to Sixty Stone Mountain, it was getting dark and fogy and eventually it started to rain. I was lost and I had no idea how to get off the mountain. All turns I took led to nowhere. Finally, I saw a guy driving a scooter so I hailed him to stop and asked […]

3 Nov, 2008 in East coast
Zhiben hotsprings - Hotel Royal Chihpen-14.JPG

On the way back from the East Coast tour I stopped at a small little town called Chihpen (or Zhi Ben), perhaps one of the most famous locations for hotsprings in Taiwan. The town is absolutely overwhelmed with all kinds of hotsprings, and it’s one of the few places in Taiwan I ran into aggressive […]

30 Oct, 2008 in Taipei

Visiting a friend in Keelung we were exploring around in Keelung, when my friend’s mother suggested a special spot near where she works with a special Aboriginal touch. We made our way up to a hanging bridge, hidden away in the middle of no-where… …

28 Oct, 2008 in Taipei
Keelung - He Ping Island-3.JPG

Visiting a friend up in Keelung the other week, I was shown parts of Keelung I haven’t been to before which were a wonderful surprise. Welcome to He Ping Island (He Ping Dao), with some of those famous north-eastern odd rock formations laid out with Keelung Island (Jilong Yu) on the background : …

26 Oct, 2008 in East coast
Sixty Stone Mountain-6.JPG

After completing the drive from Tainan through Paolai, Mei Shan and the beautiful mountain road I arrived at the east coast. The valley stretching out from the high mountains of central Taiwan to the mountains of the east coast was absolutely breath taking. The views I’ve seen there were more beautiful than anything I’ve seen […]

23 Oct, 2008 in Tainan
An Ping Beach Pier Tainan-11.JPG

Chinese class, every day at freaking 8am in the morning, was making me so tired recently, that the only thing I want to do when there’s no class afterwards is go get some sleep. So, instead of napping at home, I figured there has to be some place I can relax at around in Tainan. […]

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