30 Apr, 2009 in Guangzhou
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Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-12.JPG

Not too far away from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is the grand Yue Xiu Park. Lots is happening in the Chinese parks I visited, but Yue Xiu was the most active of those. The kicking feather ball, or whatever you call that thing, is ofcourse the most popular of them all, having a very […]

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Guangzhou-4.JPG

I was a bit surprised the first time I realized that Sun Yat Sen (孫中山, Sun Zhong Shan) is considered to be the founding father of the modern Chinese nation by both China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. From biographies I read about Mao and Chiang Kai Shek, I was led to believe that while Sun […]

Guangzhou Folk Arts Museum - Chen Clan Academy Ancestral Hall-7.JPG

One of the nice advantages of living in HK is just how close China is. Two hours away from the HK by train is Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong (Canton) province. After hearing lots of stories and reading a fair number of books on southern China’s Pearl River Delta, I was curious to finally see […]

Chinese and Cantonese Opera at HK

Till HK, my encounters with Chinese opera amounted to a short opera class in China Town Singapore … To sum up my Chinese experience at Singapore I went on my final night for some classic Chinese dinner and opera with the Chinese Theater Circle (http://ctcopera.com.sg) and was surprised to be …


Tainan garbage trucks are now back into teaching English to the local Taiwanese. After suspending the program last year, someone in Tainan City decided that Tainan can’t do without those valuable English lessons. I was shocked as to the English lesson of last week : If you listen to it, you’ll …

Taiwan's Storyland at Taipei

Taiwan’s Storyland (台灣故事館, táiwān gùshìguǎn) is a weird combination of a museum, a theme park and restaurant-market, and yet – although probably aimed at the local Taiwanese I thought it was terrific fun. Since everytime I’m in Taipei I stay in a hotel not too far away from Taipei Main Station and the Mitsukoshi building, […]

Hengchun old town-1.JPG

Hengchun (恆春鎮, meaning Town of Eternal Spring) received fame last year through Cape no. 7, Taiwan’s highly successful movie set in southern Taiwan. What I was mainly impressed with, is how well the old town of Hengchun is preserved. Built over 130 years ago, Hengchun carries with it a very interesting history of Taiwan. …

12 Apr, 2009 in Pingtung
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Kending Beaches-15.JPG

Although I’ve heard Penghu and Green island are terrific, the Kending beaches are the best I’ve seen in Taiwan. Not quite the Thailand islands yet, but in some spots it’s as inviting as the Goa beaches. There are some really nice beaches in Kending. …

Fang Liao Art Village-35.JPG

Like art? then there’s a spot in Pingtung County called Fangliao you might enjoy. Taiwan’s Culture Portal introduces Fangliao with "Art at the Crossroads: F3’s Undetermined Future in Fangliao": Located just a few minutes’ walk from Pingtung’s Fangliao train station, the F3 …

Kuan Yin Ritual at Neimen-16.JPG

Taiwan has really amazing events going on. This month Taiwan had Spring Scream 2009, Taiwan’s biggest music festival held in southern Kending, but another interesting festival that didn’t get as much attention, atleast from the expat community, is the 2009 Kaohsiung Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array in Neimen. Held …

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