This year I was fortunate to have a couple of weeks to spend in Paris and go and explore beyond what I already saw in my previous visits. I’ve been to Paris quite a few times, but it seems like every visit my understanding of the city becomes more nuanced, I notice different things, my preferences change, my understanding of the city and its people changes, and with that – so does my connection. Paris has become such a tourist romantic cliche and is a symbol for so many things that it’s sometimes hard to overcome that and see the city for what it is, a true world city, paradoxically allowing both conflicts and connections among very diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with many layers of culture of history that you do not see interact anywhere else in the world. Each neighborhood offers something different, every street takes you down an unexpected path, every person seems different. At the center of Paris, Paris is no longer French, it is as global as them come. With so many tourists, expats, migrants, Europeans, the French almost seem like a minority. To see the French Paris you really need to venture away from the tourist attractions, get off the beaten track, and to the quieter smaller neighborhoods, and with each year that passes there are fewer of those. To walk around Paris, is to take a walk around the world, allowing you to explore many world cultures in just one place.


This is my photo walk summary giving you my visions of impossible Paris, from my last two visits…




Previous visit




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