It makes sense that the oldest tea shop in Taiwan would be in Tainan – the oldest city in Taiwan. A Chinese exchange student friend took me to a place I would otherwise probably never know about – a 5 (or was it 6) generations running family tea-shop in Tainan.

Welcoming us in his pajamas was someone who looked as old as the tea-shop – an unbelievably cute Taiwanese who’s running the place.

Oldest tea shop in Tainan-1.JPG Oldest tea shop in Tainan-9.JPG Oldest tea shop in Tainan-3.JPG

He was a very curious guy, asking us a lot of question and was especially interested to learn things about me, even my possible romantic relationship with the friend. I loved it when before leaving, after being explained I live in the west side and she lives in the east side, he asked – “oh, so you don’t live together?”. After hearing that “we’re not together” he asked “but why you don’t live together?”.

Oldest tea shop in Tainan-10.JPGOkay… to the art of tea, which I know absolutely nothing about. You may have noticed that he carries his tea in some very very old cases, which contain some exotic highly-priced tea from all over. He put out some for us, going from 50 to a 100NT$ per “Liang” Taiwanese measure (which isn’t a lot).

So, what kind of tea do you have? :

Sweet guy, right? He kind’o takes pleasure in doing things slowly and thoroughly. Like packaging our tea for us while I was trying to figure out how someone can know about this place :

So, where is it? 137 Mingchuan road, sec 1. Go pay him a visit.

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very cool. thanks for sharing!!

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Really nice post, great with the videos and everything. I think I need to learn from you!!!!


The traditional places have a special enchant.

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Sei Whange

Really nice post, great with the videos and everything.Tainan is a very cool place of tea shop in Taiwan.Congratulation…

Hammock Man

I am using the packaging technique for tea gifts. Thanks


are you sure it is ming-chuan road and not ming-chuan street?

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