21 Apr, 2017 in Southern Spain

One of the nicest surprises for me in Seville was a Flamenco show I caught with the Museo del Baile Flamenco. Although it is meant for tourists, and you might expect cliche, as far as I can tell this was a very well done show, with some very impressive local artists. It gave a very good intro […]

17 Aug, 2012 in Jerusalem
Hansen - Alma Zohar performance (9).JPG

Though most of the secular Jerusalem folks have already taken to the notion that Jerusalem is culturally dead, especially in comparison to the younger more vibrant Tel Aviv, every time I go back to visit I discover that’s far from the truth. In my recent visit there were atleast 3 festivals going on and dozens […]

15 Aug, 2012 in Chicago
Blues Bar - Live Music - Chicago (16).JPG

In Chicago? Then you have go check out some of the local Chicago blues bars to get a taste of the world famous Chicago blues music.   Completely unexpected, I was taken to two different blues bars on two different occasions – once, by a lovely American Taiwanese living in Chicago, and the …

20 Feb, 2011 in Jerusalem
Shem Tov Levi with Maimon Cohen Live at Hebrew University

My sister insists of taking me to all sorts of musical adventures that are somewhat unique, combining her musical tendencies towards Mediterranean Mesopotamian influences. Since I lean towards the mainstream Israeli alternative music (an oxymoron of a sort, I know), she manages to find a sort of a middle-way. Once it was Shlomo Gronich (who […]

25 Nov, 2010 in Jerusalem
Tower of David Jerusalem Concert 2010-6.JPG

MC Karolina is the forth in a series of Israeli music performances I saw in my last visit back to Jerusalem (Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, Aviv Gefen & the Misstackes, Mercedes Band). MC Karolina has risen from the ashes of the late & wonderful Nehama Sisters band to re-emerge as one of the most […]

18 Nov, 2010 in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Arts Festival 2010 (47).JPG

Aviv Gefen, one of Israel’s most well-known popish-rock musicians, is really a tough dilemma. On the one hand, there’s no doubt this is one very talented guy that writes beautiful lyrics and composes touching emotion-provoking melodies to match them. But, on the other hand, there’s this thing with him insisting of actually singing his own […]

9 Nov, 2010 in Jerusalem
Mercedes Band performing live at Old City Jerusalem

Although I’m a Jerusalem native, I wasn’t familiar with Mercedes Band – one of the in-bred local bands – until I saw the brilliant Israeli TV drama “Do me!” (תעשה לי ילד) starred by the band. Tough the music’s not really my style, one thing you can say for sure about these guys and that […]

25 Sep, 2010 in Jerusalem
Tower of David Jerusalem Concert 2010-63.JPG

Asaf Avidan, probably the most interesting internationally recognized Israeli voice in the last few years years, recently came back to his hometown – Jerusalem – to give a concert in one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful locations – the Tower of David (Migdal David).  Naturally, since I was visiting Israel at the time, I had to […]

1 Sep, 2008 in Tainan, Taiwanese Pop Culture
“Made in Tainan” Live Music Festival at Anping

“Made in Tainan” took place last Saturday at the Anping harbor area in western Tainan. Tainan Bulletin had the following : 14:00~14:50 Sun Of Morning 15:00~15:50 Bugs Of Phonon …

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