Suppose that you have just one day to show Tel Aviv to a visiting foreigner friend, what would you show? To me, there’s little doubt that the loveliest place to start from in Tel Aviv after the gorgeous nearby old city of Jaffa, is the neighborhood of Neve Tsedek. In Neve Tsedek, I allow myself to include the nearby beach the connects Jaffa and the Tel Aviv coast line, the newly renovated Turkish train-station turned posh exhibitions, shops and hangouts, and into the more traditional and tranquil Neve Tsedek with its artists colony, the Susan Dalal center for performing arts and the colorful and unique buildings.


Yep, you’re right. This isn’t the first time I mention this neighbor, so if you’d like to see more, I strongly recommend reading "Neve Tzedek – The Special Charm of Tel Aviv Yaffo" with closeup photos of the unique neighbor architecture and style.


So, to complement that, we’ll start from the nearby beach this time. While Drums Beach (or Drummer’s Beach) isn’t as nice as the other beaches for swimming or water sports, you will be able to catch some mob drumming and fire-dancing every Friday night around sunset or just chill out for a drink.

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (1).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (31).JPG


It’s a very well known spot for making out, mind you…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (34).JPG


Just next to it is a small part where the Tel Aviv boardwalk starts to continue a good number of miles up north. If you’re into Israeli history, you can catch the Etzel Museum on that park to understand a bit more about Israel’s underground resistance and fight for independence from the Brits (link1, link2, link3).

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (32).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (33).JPG


In recent years Tel Aviv has seen a bloom in all sorts of modern and environmentally friends modes of transport…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (29).JPG




Well then, on we go, to that recently renovated old Turkish train station…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (2).JPG


Where you can find all sorts of attractions… (toy horse rental, don’t ask)

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (10).JPG 

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (11).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (12).JPG


While visiting, there was a terrific photography and contemporary arts exhibition at the hanger by a number of local folks…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (3).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (7).JPG


With the occasional odd and wonderful contemporary displays… ("Left out" to "dry" are t-shirts telling the stories of sexual abuse cases, in Hebrew. Brilliant.)

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (4).JPG


And after wondering about a bit…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (6).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (9).JPG


We’ll finish up the tour in the heart of Neve Tsedek neighborhood at the Susan Dalal school…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (13).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (14).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (15).JPG


and some of the surrounding charm…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (25).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (22).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (24).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (8).JPG


Oh, and one last thing. Plenty of really good restaurants in the area, but I guess one of the more famous and relatively affordable one is Suzanna (9 Shabazi Street)…

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (16).JPG

Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (17).JPG


Come and visit!

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Peggy Guan

Oh great. I need to go and have a look some time.


Feeling of déjà vu indeed… lovely place, cool guide, your friend is a
lucky one 🙂

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