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My 2013 : Year Summary

What did 2013 look like? An extension of 2012 this was a year mostly surrounding my academic life, with most of my travels associated with with academic adventures around the world.


Since I’m always behind on my blogging, and the previous summary of 2012 still had a lot coming I’ll start off from a the summaries of the 2012 adventures:


January 2013

The year started with my family in New York City and the morning after we took a flight down to Florida and did over a week venturing across the beautiful sunshine state.

New York City


Florida family trip


Saint Augustine (combined with previous visit in 2012)


For the SPSP conference in New Orleans I did a road-trip from Tallahassee stopping in Alabama and Pensacola along the way…


February 2013

During this month I was mainly wrapping up things in Tallahassee and getting ready to head back. As a summary of my wonderful time in Florida I spent a few days in gorgeous Miami and visiting the Everglades :


March 2013

In March I had the opportunity to do a quick visit to Israel and spend some time with my family and my sister’s new born.


Right after Passover night I returned to Hong Kong and experienced a real reverse culture shock.


April 2013

The professor who hosted me in Florida came to visit Hong Kong and we toured around a bit. This was mostly a month of readjusting back to Hong Kong reality.


May 2013

After harsh April, I needed a getaway and May offered a nice surprise, with Xiamen as a gate to the wonderful Taiwanese Kinmen Island where I celebrated the City God birthday festival, and made my way back through Shanghai with some of the local campuses :


Shanghai stopover:


And, also got to do a few things in Hong Kong:


June 2013

Spent most of the month teaching a summer course for the second year. Was an intense month with very high pressure.

Still, got to do a few things around Hong Kong :


And visit the nearby Shenzhen and Guangzhou on weekend daytrips :


July 2013

After the long teaching month was able to get away for a bit longer to a weekend+ getaway to the charming Diaolou village in the nearby Guangdong province:


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong :


August 2013

University decided that I need to move out of the university apartments and most of July was spent looking for an affordable contract free place in Hong Kong. Luck brought me to a wonderful apartment in Tiu Keng Leng with a great flatmate:


Was able to do a weekend getaway to the nearby Shenzhen and explore the eastern lesser-known parts:


Towards the end of the month was able to do a longer getaway and revisit Beijing :

Still more to come from that Beijing visit.


September 2013

Had the most amazing vacation in the area of Tokyo Japan.

Still have lots more from that visit.


Also got to revisit Macau :


And do a few more things around Hong Kong


October 2013

Didn’t get a chance to do much away from Hong Kong, but still, was able to explore Hong Kong a bit :


More to come later.


November 2013

This month was an intense data collection month, and the month I defended my thesis proposal. Not to mention that I decided to try my luck with the job market. One of the most intense months of my academic life.

(had a trip to Peng Chau, more on that to come later)


December 2013

Intense academic life continues, pressure rises and so does the uncertainty. Had a few visitors to Hong Kong, and revisit Beijing to see Beijing University. More on that to hopefully come later.


Overall 2013

Overall, this year I’ve been to the Unites States (New York, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana), Israel, Taiwan (Kinmen Island), China (Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, various places in Guangdong province), Macau and Japan, with lots of explorations of Hong Kong. A much slower year than 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009, so I hope 2014 will bring lots of new adventures and interesting places.


What else in 2013?

  • Got a relatively active Instagram account. I think I’m really getting good at this stuff. 514 photos, 167 followers.
  • Kept going with the Management and Social Psychology blog (Twitter account here, ~276 followers).
  • Kept going with Acadecomic (207 Tumblr followers)
  • Fili’s World has ~1197 followers on Twitter  and ~275 followers on Facebook. No growth, but that’s expected as the travel blog takes a Google rankings dive.


What to expect in 2014?

This will hopefully be the last year of my PhD. I aim to find an academic job as a next step and that may take me anywhere in the world. After almost 5 years in Hong Kong, it might be time for a change. There’s no doubt that I’m somewhat tired of student life and definitely ready to upgrade my life to something a bit more stable. But, we’ll see how things work out. You can never know…

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