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La Paz Waterfalls, La Fortuna, Monteverde : Costa Rica

I began my Costa Rican adventures renting a car at San Jose and heading off to the north towards La Fortuna. First stop the La Paz Waterfall, a waterfall areas turned eco-Disney land that made me realize just how touristic and commercial Costa Rican “eco-travel” is. Still, can’t beat paved hikes to some gorgeous nature, can you? From there off to La Fortuna, where I soaked in hot springs, learned about cacao and coffee, and enjoyed some gorgeous hanging bridges and spectacular volcano views. Finally, made my way through the dirt roads all the way up to Monteverde to do a local night hike and do the ultra commercial over-touristic yet embarrassingly-fun-for-the-two-seconds-you’re-flying-around zip line. It was the adventure I never wanted to have yet gave in to doing, focusing on the positives of just how easy and beautiful it all was. I admit, that in Nicaragua I missed the Costa-Rican comforts.

So, let’s get the road trip started…


 La Paz Waterfalls Disney-land






La Fortuna area











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