18 Nov, 2016 in Macau

While I was visiting Hong Kong I ran into an old schoolmate who invited me to come visit her department at the University of Macau, and so I had a chance to see Macau again. Macau is a really small place, and I’ve visited a few times, and so I was wondering if there was […]

9 Oct, 2014 in Macau
Senado Square Macau (31)

Senado Square is small piece of Europe at the heart of Macau. I previously wrote about Saint Dominic’s Church and the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macau, but the area that ties these attractions together is the Senado Square, where you can walk along the alleys of what’s left of the former Portuguese colonizing […]

18 Aug, 2014 in Macau
Maritime Museum and A-ma Temple  Macau (4)

One of the famous tourist attractions in Macau is the old A-Ma temple, which I visited in 2009. This year I had a chance to revisit Macau and the A-Ma temple area and added another missed attraction nearby – the Maritime Museum of Macau. It’s not exactly what I’d call a must attractions, but it […]

27 Jan, 2014 in Macau
Kun Lam Temple Macau (19)

A bit off the beaten track for the casino hungry Macau tourist and not as well known as A-Ma temple is the very old Kun Iam Temple dating back to the 17th (some say 14th) century before the Portuguese took hold of Macau. It’s dedicated to the venerate Kun Iam, the Chinese god of mercy, […]

21 Jan, 2014 in Macau
Taipa Old Houses Macau (13)

Macau’s one of the fastest growing places in the region, all the money coming in to Macau through gambling and other dubious side-businesses and that has really boosted things up. Many of the new shiny casinos and hotels are on the Taipa island, off the main Macau downtown, and most people don’t really do much […]

27 Oct, 2013 in Macau
Guia Hill & Fortress - Macau (40)

My recent visit to Macau was slightly different than my first one. I made it my mission to try and explore more of the off-the-beaten-track places. Macau is a small place, and it’s hard to get away from the gambling masses that swamp over Senado Square and the local tourist attractions, but I was able […]

9 Dec, 2009 in Itineraries, Macau
Grand Lisboa Casino Macau

Macau’s a great one day trip getaway from Hong Kong. To summarize the quick trip to Macau, here is a suggested itinerary for a Macau… To start the tour, take bus number 3 from the main ferry terminal… Walk around Senado Square and go inside St. Dominic’s church Tour the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral […]

24 Nov, 2009 in Macau
Macau - Monte Fort-15.JPG

Nope, the tour to Macau is not over yet. Although we’ve already been to St. Paul’s Cathedral Ruins, St. Dominic’s Cathedral, A-Ma Temple, the Venetian, City of Dreams and other Macau treats, there’s still lots to see. Up from Senado Square and next to St. Paul’s is Monte Fort (otherwise known as Fortaleza …

28 Oct, 2009 in Macau
Macau - The Venetian-22.JPG

I heard a few things about The Venetian before I went to Macau – that it’s grand, magnificent, it’s built to resemble Venice and that it’s the biggest in the world – but little did I know how extreme this is going to be. The good folks of the Venetian constructed a series of canals […]

27 Oct, 2009 in Macau
Macau - A-Ma Temple-4.JPG

A-Ma in Macau, Matzu in Taiwan, and Tin Hau in Hong Kong, the Mother Goddess Lin Moniang is among the most important Gods in the region. Macau, despite being a Portuguese Christian ruled colony now overrun with huge casinos, still maintains some of the A-Ma worship traditions with various temples and tall statues of the […]

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