Einstein in Hong Kong Science Museum (6).JPG

What do you know about Albert Einstein and his genius scientific contribution? The Hong Kong Science Museum has repeatedly succeeded in putting up terrific exhibitions about very popular science related topics that we somehow know very little about. Previous one was about the "Marvelous inventions of Leonardo da Vinchi" and now the wonderful "Albert Einstein […]

Sai Kung Peninsula (4).JPG

On a gorgeous sunny blue skies day I took out my newly bought Sony Alpha55 camera for a spin to try and capture the true beauty of the Sai Kung Peninsula surrounding my university. I went up to the highest floor in the HKUST academic building, where the university elite meet to discuss their important […]

Wilson Trail stage 4 hike Hong Kong (60).JPG

On a gloomy hot Sunday in Hong Kong we set off to do the Wilson Trail stage 4 backwards from the Sha Tin Pass all the way east down hill towards Sai Kung. This trail shares a section with MacLehose trail stage 5 – which I did last year, and in that combined section there’s […]

Complaint Choir of Hong Kong

#HKProblems trend started by @HKProblems is freaking fantastic. Every time I read one of those tweets I can’t help but smile and hope someone’s documenting those pearls of wisdom.   Searching back in the last week, here are some of the wonderful Hong Kong problems we all love to complain about : …


I’ll try and make this simple for you. If you’re looking for an amusement park from a bad 70s b-movie then Shenzhen has just the thing for you. Happy Valley, which some claim can compete with Hong Kong’s Ocean Park and Guangzhou’s Chimelong, doesn’t come close no matter what babble I wrote about it before. […]

11 Jul, 2011 in Macedonia
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Kratovo - Macedonia-20.JPG

About a 100km from Macedonia’s capital Skopje is a quiet little town that really takes you back in time into a different century. It’s one of the oldest towns in Macedonia and till now it preserves much of its simplicity and more traditional architecture, which in this case would mean – mud and stones.   […]

New York Jew in China : Exploring Chinese society

A Yiddish speaking New York Jew reporter Ross (Shmuel) Perlin covers China in a series of terrific videos discussing China and Chinese culture. With his relative fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Perlin goes around China taking a look at some very fundamental issues underlying Chinese society. First time I saw those Yiddish videos I …

National Botanical Gardens Washington DC (3).JPG

It’s been almost 10 years since I last visited Washington DC during my Sep 2001 trip to the US. It was just following the national tragedy so the atmosphere was that of mourning and shock and I naturally joined the huge crowds in going to ground zero and standing there staring there at the beaten […]


The Hong Kong International Travel Expo 2011 was held a few weeks ago in the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition center and I decided to go have a look and see what I can learn about travel opportunities here in Hong Kong.       Israel When entering …

Big Bang Theory : Sheldon Speaking Chinese

I’m a very late comer to Big Bang Theory (生活大爆炸), which is kind of feat considering the fact that I’m studying for a PhD and this is considered the "PhD show". I’ve been observing my Chinese research roommates watch this show during their lunch for quite some time but it was only recently that I’ve […]

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