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Visions of Vienna : Austria

Last time I visited Vienna I was an elementary school child. I have what I think are flashbacks of specific moments around Vienna with my Viennese grandma, riding a rocking boat on the Danube river, going up what was at the time seemed to me like a massive ferris wheel, and, oddly enough – checking out Freud’s home. I think I remember a very rushed arrival on a Friday night running through the streets of Vienna to make it to our B&B on time from the train station through some fairly peculiar situations. In any case, I haven’t been there in many years, and since my roots can be linked to this city, it was only a matter of time till I decided to go back. Finally, an international conference taking place in Vienna gave me the excuse to go back and visit.

What can I say? Vienna is absolutely gorgeous. I could not believe how well preserved (or reconstructed?) Vienna was with stunning architecture, a very easy and efficient public transport system, endless options for food, drinks, and nightlife, and friendly and welcoming locals. I did my best to take time off from the busy conference to roam around the city, and whenever I did I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was. It didn’t hurt that the weather was almost ideal, as if the winter gave in to the spring just as I landed, and so for the first time in months I could enjoy some warmth and sunshine.

Day or night, Vienna was a treat, and I didn’t not have enough time to explore and enjoy it as much as I could, and I feel like there’s much more out there in Austria I should go back and visit.


Here are my first photo captured impressions of Vienna…





Will definitely be making my way back here to explore Vienna and the region more.

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