10 Jul, 2018 in Heredia

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park was a bit of a surprise. It was my first “eco” attraction in Costa Rica and after having heard of how well Costa Rica does eco preservation I admit to expecting a very authentic dirty jungle experience with tarzan guides taking us on an adventure. La Paz is not […]

18 Jun, 2016 in Limburg
Japanse Tuin Hasselt (20)

On my first visit to Hasselt, a small city not too far away from Maastricht to the west in the Belgium Limburg, I went to see the local Japanese gardens (Japanese Tuin). When parking the car I already realized there was something going on and upon arriving at the garden entrance it became clear that I was […]

18 Jan, 2016 in Illinois
Matthiessen State Park Hiking Trail Illinois-023

Illinois is very flat, and it gets the somewhat deserved reputation of being a bit dull, especially in comparison to other areas in the US with much grander natural scenery. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do, there are some lovely national parks and natural hikes in Illinois, and the Matthiessen State Park Hiking […]

6 Jun, 2013 in Puerto Rico
El Yunque Rain Forest-012

Looking for a lovely nature day-trip in Puerto Rico away from San Juan. Lots of wonderful options for you to choose from, but there’s one that really stands out – the El Yunque Rain Forest, the only rainforest under the United States National Forest System. The trip was an easy choice with the rental car […]

7 Sep, 2012 in Siquijor
Cambugahay Falls - Siquijor (14).JPG

Perhaps the most famous spot on Siquijor island are the Cambugahay Falls (not to be confused with Lugnason Falls) are the central-southern side of the island. They’re picture perfect. We’re talking clear blue waters flowing down from the island mountains in a three tiers of cool pristine water pools.   On a …

23 Mar, 2012 in Dumaguete
Dumaguete - Red Rock (10).JPG

If like me, you’ve seen the beginning of 127 Hours and thought to yourself "this is me, I know what this feels like" then you must also be familiar with the possible consequences of what happens later on. Living as a singleton and experiencing ultimate freedom at some point must come at a price, and […]

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