18 Aug, 2016 in HKUST, Visions
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HK Visions (15)

I recently revisited my old home of Hong Kong and stayed over as a guest on the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus at the new hotel next the new buildings for the business school and the Institute of Advanced Studies (Conference Lodge). Although I know this campus and the Sai Kung […]

2 Jun, 2012 in HK Places
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum HK (2).JPG

The Shenug Yiu Hakka village is hidden within a short family hike called Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail in the Sai Kung national park. The Heritage Museum transformed an old Hakka village into a small museum introducing some of the Hakka life dating as far back as Hong Kong. A CSer and I …

18 May, 2012 in HK Hikes
Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail (16).JPG

On a blazing hot summer day, I took a sweet and adventurous couch-surfer to hike in Sai Kung. As a preview to the one of the best hiking trails in Hong Kong – the Maclehose Stage 1 and 2 (Tai Long Wan) – we started out with Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail. The main reason […]

28 Jul, 2011 in HK Places
Sai Kung Peninsula (4).JPG

On a gorgeous sunny blue skies day I took out my newly bought Sony Alpha55 camera for a spin to try and capture the true beauty of the Sai Kung Peninsula surrounding my university. I went up to the highest floor in the HKUST academic building, where the university elite meet to discuss their important […]

9 Dec, 2010 in HK Hikes
Clearwater Bay Tree Walk HK-16.JPG

One gorgeous weekend a few of us from HKUST set out for a short hike not too far away from the university at Clear Water Bay. First stop – Clear Water Bay Country Park which offers a really nice family hangout of BBQ and kite flying area surrounded by the very short and enjoyable Clear […]

28 Nov, 2010 in HKUST
HKUST campus.26.jpg

There are a few special advantages to studying with HKUST that have nothing to do with academics and research. There’s little doubt in my mind that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has a campus with the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few universities. On a clear […]

29 Jun, 2010 in HK Hikes
Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park 

Though Hong Kong has some really nice beaches and the water quality is said to be adequate in most, it is still a bit difficult to find a good spot for diving and snorkeling where you can actually see lively underwater life. Hoi Ha Wan in the Sai Kung National Park is one of those […]

19 May, 2010 in HK Places
Sharp Island - Kiu Tsui Chau 

Kiu Tau (橋頭) is a small island connected to Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui) by a tombolo. The fun thing about this tombolo is that it’s only visible when the water is low, only letting you pass through to Kiu Tau during low tide. If you catch the right moment, you can walk across and it […]

3 Dec, 2009 in HK Hikes
Hiking Sai Kung 065.JPG

No one told me about this side of Hong Kong before I came here to study. Realizing that Hong Kong is not all skyscrapers, crowded streets and pollution was the best surprise I could have hoped for. The university where I study, HKUST, is located in Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, on the eastern side […]

1 Dec, 2009 in HK Places
Hiking Sai Kung 194.JPG

If you’re looking for some affordable, fresh and delicious seafood, one of your best bets in Hong Kong is Po Toi O Village (布袋澳) a small fishing village at the southern edge of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung. …

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