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Sai Kung Town/Peninsula & nearby islands


Sai Kung, about 10-15 minutes bus ride away from HKUST, is a lovely place to visit. A combination of busy local fishing culture and residing expats who were looking for a comfortable getaway from HK island, Sai Kung has alot to offer – beaches, great restaurants, and beautiful views of the outlying islands. It’s also the beginning of Sai Kung National Park, one of the most beautiful nature spots in HK.

A nice way to spend your time visiting Sai Kung Town would be to start off with a taste of some of the very fresh local seafood at the sea-front local restaurants (warning – some with expat adjusted prices), stroll up and down the boardwalk to the beach, and once back – hire a local fisherman (/woman) to take you on a boat around the Sai Kung Peninsula islands (list of islands here, about 150-200HK$ an hour per group, much less if you join a “regular” local line back and forth to an island).

Sai Kung Boardwalk-30.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-6.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-10.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-45.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-32.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-34.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-43.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-37.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-41.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-4.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-1.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-19.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-27.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-20.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-26.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-16.JPG

Sai Kung Boardwalk-8.JPG

If you’re in the area and feel like touring around, let me know.

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