A few weeks ago a local friend invited me for a day of hiking at Hong Kong’s Lamma Island. The wonderful company I had aside, Lamma Island turned out to be a terrific surprise and that day quickly made its way up to my "nicest days I had in Hong Kong so far" list.


Lamma Island Hong Kong-2.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-3.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-78.JPG


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the moment we hit the island it was obvious that it’s a very local place, with laid-back fishing villages, zoola beaches and gorgeous scenery.

(BTW – I must say that although I strongly oppose the death penalty I was forced to reconsider my position that day seeing the gigantic ugly atrocity of a power plant someone decided to build on that island in the middle of all that green. If it wasn’t for that thing in there, the island would be close to perfect.)

Lamma Island Hong Kong-38.JPG


Like Cheung Chau Island, this island reminded me a lot of Thailand’s islands, this time – Ko-Samet.

We first had ourselves a quick brunch and Tofu snacks at the first village.

Lamma Island Hong Kong-11.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-20.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-14.JPG


Noticing that there was always someone making sure the island stays beautiful.

Lamma Island Hong Kong-23.JPG


The first beach was a sign of what’s coming. Almost deserted, clear water, white sand, and happy locals fooling around.

Lamma Island Hong Kong-29.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-25.JPG


We then began our hike around the island…

Lamma Island Hong Kong-35.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-39.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-40.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-44.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-45.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-47.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-36.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-67.JPG


After around almost two hours of a very slow walk overlooking the island and Hong Kong scenery, it was time for us to chill out at the beach. Taking a bit of a side-track we arrived at our own private beach. Aside from the very bored life guard…

Lamma Island Hong Kong-53.JPG


there was absolutely no one there. Our own little beach.

Lamma Island Hong Kong-57.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-58.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-64.JPG

Lamma Island Hong Kong-60.JPG

We spent a few hours going in and out, chitchatting, reading a bit, and once we had enough we turned back and made our way to the ferry, happy and exhausted.

Lamma Island Hong Kong-80.JPG



A wonderful day-trip getaway from the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong. If you can – try to aim for a weekday, when it’s still crowd free.

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Jonathan Lumb

Thanks for your introduction to Lamma Island – I’m off to Hong Kong today and doing some last minute research. Hopefully I can get here if I have some free time!

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