6 Aug, 2013 in HK Culture & Life

Unexpectedly, I discovered an amazing place to get some stunning views of Hong Kong. In the heart of Wanchai, just next to the Pawn, is an upscale building called J-Residence (on Ship st.). For a farewell party to a dear friend leaving Hong Kong, we were invited to the J-Residence sky-lounge and once I got […]

5 Aug, 2013 in HK Culture & Life
Tiu Keng Leng Ocean Shores - Hong Kong residential areas (29)

This week I moved to a new apartment in Hong Kong. The university, for the second time, has announced that I’m no longer entitled to university apartments and so I was forced to try and find a decent room elsewhere in Hong Kong. I was finally able to find one in the lovely residential area […]

15 Jul, 2013 in HK Culture & Life
Dai pai dong - Central HK (9)

One of the must local experiences in Hong Kong is eating in a Dai Pai Dong. In a city that revolves around luxury shopping malls and upscale enclosed culinary spaces, an affordable and simple outdoors eat is a refreshing experience. Though I’ve been in Hong Kong for a while now, I’m embarrassed to admit that […]

7 May, 2012 in HK Culture & Life
Face hunting - Jin Wong - July 2011 (1).JPG

I know very little about fashion. It’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to know more about and be "better" at but never really put it on top priority. I guess it takes a certain personality type, passion and perhaps some financial resources to get yourself into this world.   Though …

22 Jan, 2012 in HK Culture & Life

In the spirit of the lovely trend of "Shit girls say…" or "Shit people say…" I sat down for a few minutes to quickly write down some of the shit HK people have said to me over the duration of my stay here on more than one occasion. It's a very long list, but I […]

18 Jul, 2011 in HK Culture & Life
Complaint Choir of Hong Kong

#HKProblems trend started by @HKProblems is freaking fantastic. Every time I read one of those tweets I can’t help but smile and hope someone’s documenting those pearls of wisdom.   Searching back in the last week, here are some of the wonderful Hong Kong problems we all love to complain about : …

29 Apr, 2011 in HK Culture & Life
MacLehose trail section 6 - Monkeys (6).JPG

Did you know Hong Kong’s got a fairly large population of local monkeys running around freely? If you hike in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong most chances you’ve already met some, the best place to see them in large groups being “monkey mountain” or “monkey hill” near the Lion Peak MacLehose section 5 end […]

16 Jan, 2011 in HK Culture & Life
HK Culture Hall (2).jpg

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it took me a year and a half in Hong Kong to attend a concert in the grand Hong Kong Culture Centre Concert Hall and even that was for free tickets I got from the university. Where has my classical music upbringing gone to? so here’s newyears’ resolution […]

27 Mar, 2010 in HK Culture & Life
Flower Show 2010 055.JPG

During the Hong Kong Flower Show @Victoria Park I came across something really interesting – posted thanksgiving cards. Most of them were in Chinese, but every here and there I found an English card, and they were very interesting to read. Since they were posted in the public, I hope they’ll excuse me posting them […]

25 Dec, 2009 in HK Culture & Life
Hiking Sai Kung 117.JPG

The girls of China Live China blog asked me to answer a few question about Hong Kong for one of their articles. Following are their questions followed by my answers. 1. What are you doing in Hong-Kong and why did you choose this city? I’m studying for …

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