Mount Vernon Washington DC (23).JPG

Next on my list of surprises with American national symbols, George Washington – the first American president, and what better way than to explore this in his glorious mansion in Mount Vernon just off to the south of Washington DC.     The "father of his country", a …

Dumaguete - Red Rock (10).JPG

If like me, you’ve seen the beginning of 127 Hours and thought to yourself "this is me, I know what this feels like" then you must also be familiar with the possible consequences of what happens later on. Living as a singleton and experiencing ultimate freedom at some point must come at a price, and […]

Namdaemun Market - Seoul-10.JPG

Looking for a feel of a traditional market in Seoul? Namdaemun Market is just the place for you. It has quite a bit of history, dating back as far as the 15th century – they’d have you believe, though the various wars throughout the years have left little history to observe. It does remain, …

Harrisburg (3).JPG

Early morning we made a quick stop at Harrisburg, just before heading on to Gettysburg. All the way down from Corning, crossing the state border between New York state and Pennsylvania with an overnight stay on the way, we drove into Harrisburg to visit the State Capitol Building.   …

Corning (39).JPG

After the visit to the wonderful Watkins Glen and a hiking around the Finger Lakes region I headed down to Corning, a lovely little town mainly known for their glass industry. The Corning Glass Museum hosts one of the most comprehensive collections of glass works and introducing visitors to the art of glass making. …

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete (9).JPG

Cebu City was disappointment enough, but Dumaguete I really didn't get. Lonely Planet was full of great things to say about the young & energetic student city, but I honestly saw none of that. If anything, I thought the city was quite plain, and the city sights not up to par with the built up […]

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor-95.JPG

It’s quite remarkable that a town as small as Ann Arbor would host so many wonderful museums, but I guess that having a world-class university in town – University of Michigan – tends to boost things up.   So, how many? Let me see if I can recall all those I’ve been to. …

Distillery Historic District Toronto (17).JPG

While visiting Toronto, I was fortunate to have the chance to venture out of what some may consider the usual tourist path and see a few lovely local spots. On my first day in Toronto, on a gorgeous day with clear blue skies, my Torontian uncle took me to explore a wonderful area in Toronto […]

HKUST Photosciety studio session 2012 (5).JPG

When it comes to photography I’ve gone through some major changes in the last 6 years. When I first set to Asia and started this blog I had this inherent bias against photography as a whole. I didn’t understand why people took photos, I hated those who obsessed about their cameras and took photos everywhere […]

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