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There are a few special advantages to studying with HKUST that have nothing to do with academics and research. There’s little doubt in my mind that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has a campus with the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few universities. On a clear […]

27 Nov, 2010 in HKUST
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Every year the HKUST management department invites a few job candidates with top-tier publications from schools all over the world to give job talks here at HKUST. Usually, we’re talking about 8-10 jobs talks surrounding the candidates research topics in Organizational Behavior (Micro), Organizational Theory (OT-Macro), & Strategy. The job candidates spend a couple of […]

Tower of David Jerusalem Concert 2010-6.JPG

MC Karolina is the forth in a series of Israeli music performances I saw in my last visit back to Jerusalem (Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, Aviv Gefen & the Misstackes, Mercedes Band). MC Karolina has risen from the ashes of the late & wonderful Nehama Sisters band to re-emerge as one of the most […]

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Located in central Jerusalem, about 10 minutes walk from my parents’ house at 12 Shmuel Hanagid street, is the terrific Artists’ House. Though I’ve lived in Jerusalem for many years, I’ve only visited the place to sit down for a bar-drink or high-quality cuisine at Mona, the excellent bar-restaurant at the Artists’ House first floor. […]

Jerusalem Arts Festival 2010 (32).JPG

One of the nice things of going back to visit Israel during August of each year is that it’s usually the time that Jerusalem holds the Jerusalem International Arts Festival (Hutzut Hayotzer). Although it’s usually around the same themes, with similar settings, the live performances are terrific, the arts usually interesting to browse and the […]

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Aviv Gefen, one of Israel’s most well-known popish-rock musicians, is really a tough dilemma. On the one hand, there’s no doubt this is one very talented guy that writes beautiful lyrics and composes touching emotion-provoking melodies to match them. But, on the other hand, there’s this thing with him insisting of actually singing his own […]

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I’m sure I’ve been to Acre (Akko/Acco) before – a gorgeous ancient town in Northern Israel, I just can’t remember when that was because it was probably so many years ago. While I invest considerable resources into exploring the world, it sometimes comes as somewhat of a shock just how little I’ve travelled in my […]

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This post is a wrap up of my visit to Albania’s little town of Kruja. So far, I’ve mentioned Kruja’s old bazaar, the  Kruje Castle and Skanderbeg National Museum and the terrific little National Ethnographic Museum. Still, there’s one little attraction not too far away from all those that’s worth mentioning – the Dollma Teqe, […]

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After introducing Dubrovnik in Croatia as “best of the Balkans”, touring Dubrovnik’s old city walls and the local Dubrovnik Jewish museum and synagogue, it’s time to wrap up the Dubruvnik tour with a walking tour of the old city. And what a lovely old city it is, full of history and meaning.   …

Mercedes Band performing live at Old City Jerusalem

Although I’m a Jerusalem native, I wasn’t familiar with Mercedes Band – one of the in-bred local bands – until I saw the brilliant Israeli TV drama “Do me!” (תעשה לי ילד) starred by the band. Tough the music’s not really my style, one thing you can say for sure about these guys and that […]

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