3 Sep, 2015 in Panama City, Visions
Visions of Panama City (1)

In the year I had living in the US I was hoping to venture out to see a lot of central and south America, but as the year came to a close I was becoming aware of the possibility that I’ll be leaving the region without seeing that part of the world. So, looking at […]

2 Sep, 2015 in Vancouver, Visions
Visions of Vancouver Canada (20)

Last time I visited Vancouver was almost 15 years ago in a former life as an IT professional and part of a weekend trip from Microsoft Redmond country near Seattle. I couldn’t really recall much from that visit aside from the gloomy weather, grey skies with occasional showers, and the surprising number of Hong Kong […]

1 Sep, 2015 in Cancun, Visions
Visions of Cancun Mexico (20)

Cancun isn’t all white sand beaches and clear blue water. Within a couple of hours drive are some world-class pre-Columbia ruins of the Mayan culture, the Chichen Itza Maya Pyramids and the Tulum seaside Walled City. If you’ve never visited Mexican pyramids before, these are bound to blow your mind away, ancient cities spread over […]

31 Aug, 2015 in Cancun, Visions
Visions of Cancun Mexico (2)

The Cancun area offers some spectacular beaches and sea-related attractions. Booking a flight to another destination (in Canada! from Chicago!), I noticed peculiar pricing that made Cancun Mexico one of the cheapest stopovers. Although it was completely out of the way, I seized the opportunity to go see Cancun as a farewell to Mexico before […]

30 Aug, 2015 in Moscow
Visions of Moscow Russia (4)

Following my Visions of Saint Petersburg showing my excitement about Russia, here are my Visions of Moscow as a tribute to the capital of Russia. I had a terrific hotel right at the center, 5-min walk from the red square, Arbat Street, the Kremlin, and many other Moscovian highlights. Most times it was enough to […]

29 Aug, 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Visions
Visions of Saint Petersburg Russia (7)

Nothing prepared me for Russia. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and the main reason I decided to go visit was because a flight I was taking with Aeroflot on the way to my destination offered a very cheap stop-over for a few days and I’ve never been. Somewhat brainwashed by western propaganda […]

27 Aug, 2015 in Champaign Urbana
UIUC campus Urbana Champaign Illinois (11)

What a year. In a stark contrast to my previous life at Hong Kong, the year at Urbana-Champaign proved challenging in almost every regard. Urbana-Champaign are sleepy twin towns in the middle of no-where cornfields at the flat-land Midwestern Illinois state, whereas Hong Kong was one of the world’s largest urban insanity, and so I […]

8 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Coyoacan Mexico City (13)

A bit off the tourist beaten track and the touristic historical center down in the southern parts of Mexico City is Coyoacan, a pleasant area most famous for the neighborhood where two of Mexico’s most well known Mexican artist couple resided – Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Besides the colonial architecture in the Jardín Centenario […]

7 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Museo del Templo Mayor Mexico City (12)

Lots was going on in Mexico City long before the Spanish stormed in. At the center of modern Mexico City at the heart of what’s referred to as the historical center (Zocalo) stood a great Aztec temple. Dating back to 14th century and signifying an important lost culture, the sight is now a UNESCO heritage […]

6 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral Zocalo Plaza de la Constitucion (11)

My tour of Mexico City started at the Centro Historio, the historical center district, where many of Mexico’s historical tourist attractions are concentrated. Arriving at my B&B quite late, I set off for a walking tour of the area, first heading towards Zocalo to see the Constitution Plaza and the Metropolitan Cathedral – icons of […]

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