17 Aug, 2019 in Gelderland, Visions

I lived in the Netherlands for two years with lots of visits when not based there, and still – I have failed to make my way to Arnhem. I wasn’t even sure what I’ll find once I get there, but in one of my recent visits to Netherlands for a conference, I decided to go […]

17 Aug, 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Been hoping to get around to visit Slovenia for quite some time, and this year I finally got the chance. From Trieste in Italy, I took a disaster Flixbus to Ljubljana and stayed for long weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and so was very pleasantly surprised at the somewhat hipster vibe in the […]

15 Aug, 2019 in Hvar, Visions

This summer I needed a retreat following a European work visit, so I took a quick flight to Rijeka in Croatia so get closer to the coastline and get some warm weather. After a quick visit to Zagreb, I took a flight down to Split, and after a couple of days decided to take the […]

12 Aug, 2019 in Limburg

Beringen in northeastern Belgium is a former mining colony, turned cultural center, with a museum, various culture and community activities, and some food and shopping options. I came by to learn about the transformation the town has gone through in the first half of the 20th century, with immigrants coming from all across Europe to […]

11 Aug, 2019 in Malta

The last day in Malta I spent touring the west coast, taking in some gorgeous coastal views and historical sites. I started off at Dingli cliffs with breakfast and a short walk, made my way down to the 3200 BC Ħaġar Qim ruins, the Stonehenge of  Malta, and the spectacular Blue Grotto natural caves.   […]

28 Jul, 2019 in Valletta

Valletta was my first stop in Malta, the largest city in the very small country of Malta. It’s a gorgeous city, all walkable, and with some grand views and wonderful attractions. The time I was visiting was the time of the carnival, so that added to the fun. I spent a day and a bit […]

27 Jul, 2019 in Danang

While walking around in Danang I came across a lovely unexpected local attraction. An inner neighborhood, a bit hidden away from the main streets, that was covered with beautiful Graffiti art painting. It covers a few blocks, in which most of the walls are painted. It makes for quite the Instagram attraction, if you ask […]

26 Jul, 2019 in Suzhou

Suzhou has a lot of wonderful Chinese gardens. In my last visit to Suzhou in wonderful weather I visited quite a few of those. The first two were the Humble Administrator and Lion Grove Gardens, dating back to the 12th and the 13th century, and are now UNESCO heritage sites. Aside from just being very […]

19 Jul, 2019 in Antwerp

In my last visit to Belgium, I toured the north eastern part of Belgium to explore areas I’ve never visited before. Up north, close to the border with the Netherlands, is a town by the name Turnhout that has an interesting history – it was once the center of manufacturing of playing cards. Because of […]

19 Jul, 2019 in Pennsylvania

Earlier this year I revisited Philadelphia Pennsylvania to spend time with family in the area. After some time exploring Philly we went on a short road trip in the region, and did a few of the Amish community attractions in the area. One nice example is the Amish Farm and House near Lancaster with a […]

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