29 Dec, 2013 in Orlando
Epcot Disney Orlando (27)

The Walt Disney World and Epcot Center are some of the most vivid memories I have from my year living in the states in 1989. Based in Topeka middle-of-no-where Kansas the family set off for a trip to Florida and Orlando spending a few days in kids’ paradise. It was around Christmas and Hannukah time […]

3 Jul, 2013 in Miami
Coral Castle Museum - Miami (4)

In what is probably one of the strangest tourist attractions I’ve been to, the Coral Castle near Miami just might be a tourist trap you’d want to fall into to. Not being able to decide if this was a hoax, a joke or a real historical attraction, I decided I should go have a look. […]

20 Jun, 2013 in Orlando
Ripley's Believe It or Not Orlando Florida (26)

Orlando has its fair share of tourist traps but as far as what I’ve seen Ripley’s Believe It or Not is probably the worst of them all. Aiming low, it aims to shock you with a bit of Guinness world of records style combined with what can only be described as a freak show. Ripley, […]

11 Jul, 2010 in Shanghai
Bund Tourist Tunnel (3).JPG

Chinese sure know how to pull off quirky tourist traps, and The Bund Tourist Sightseeing Tunnel is the perfect example. Why anyone would think that an attraction of crossing from The Bund side of the Huangpo river to the new Pudong area through an underwater tunnel of epileptic lights a good idea is beyond me.  […]

22 May, 2010 in Israel
Mini Israel - Latrun (51).JPG

Always wanted to see all the attractions in Israel but never had the time? then make the time, because Mini Israel in Latrun will most definitely not help you with that. In one of the most awful tourist traps I’ve ever visited, Mini Israel is everything a tourist attraction of this sort should NOT be. […]

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