26 Feb, 2017 in Daytrips from Sapporo

During my summer stay at the scenic Hokkaido region in the northern part of Japan, I was based in Sapporo and made occasional trips to see some of the area. In a trip to the Niseko area I made a stop at the Shinsen-numa Wetland Swamp / Marsh, a very green and picturesque wetland with paved […]

4 Feb, 2016 in Antalya
Olympos Teleferik Antalya Turkey-039

Antalya in Turkey is known for all-inclusive resorts and terrific beaches, but the area offers so much more to see and do. Within a short driving distance from the Antalya old town are spectacular scenic views, ancient cities, folk villages, and much more. Of all that’s available, I decided to go see the Olympos Teleferik, and […]

15 Dec, 2014 in Kyoto
Kyoto Japan (59)

On my last day in Kyoto, feeling a bit of temple overload I was hoping to try something a bit different and the Arashimaya area was just the thing. One of the highlights in the area is a monkey park, but not your regular zoo style but an area of land where monkeys roam free […]

18 Oct, 2014 in Nara
Kōfuku-ji temple Nara Japan (10)

Wrapping up my trip to Osaka-Kyoto, I spent a day touring the ancient city of Nara. Although smaller than Kyoto and with supposedly similar temple atmosphere, Nara has a lot to offer that is different from Kyoto. Most of what Nara has is laid within the compact Nara Park, and you probably do not need […]

1 Jul, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing University Campus-051

Mid winter I was invited to Beijing University to give an academic talk and took this opportunity to get to know this beatiful and historical campus. To those who don’t know, Beijing University is among the best – if not the very best – of Chinese academia, and in my field they’re definitely on the […]

30 Jul, 2012 in HK Attractions
Bank of China Tower - Central - HK (2).JPG

If you want to go up to see Hong Kong from above but don’t feel like having to pay anything to a tourist trap or a pricey drink in a skyscraper bar, then there are other options available to you around Hong Kong. One of the nicer lesser known options is the observation deck of […]

28 Jul, 2012 in HK Attractions
Sky100 HK 002.JPG

If you’re looking for truly panoramic views of Hong Kong, then it would make sense that the best place for that would be Hong Kong’s tallest tower – the International Commerce Centre, which just so happens to be located in one of Hong Kong’s best locations overlooking Victoria Harbour. With all the new skyscrapers popping […]

23 Jul, 2012 in Shenzhen
St Regis Hotel Shenzhen (15).jpg

There are days when the beauty of Shenzhen really shines, and when a day like that finally happens, make your way to Shenzhen’s new Kingkey 100 skyscraper and head up to the Saint Regis Hotel bar on the 97th floor. You’re in for a real treat.     (The …

18 Jul, 2012 in HK Places
Grand Harbor HK handover fireworks (1).jpg

Hong Kong fireworks can get really spectacular and there are a few chances for you to catch that in Hong Kong throughout the year. Myself, I think I’ve seen the fireworks half a dozen times already, maybe more, from different places. New years from Kowloon, China’s birthday I think it was from Central ferry pier, […]

25 Jun, 2010 in Northern Israel
Menara - northern Israel 

Menara is a Kibbutz up in northern Israel, very close to the Lebanese border, with some breathtaking views of Upper Galilee. To get to the high end of the cliff, visitors can take a cable car all the way to the top. Once there, you can also take Traktor tours of the Kibbutz, the border […]

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