28 Dec, 2016 in Madrid, Visions

Visited Spain during holiday time to warm up a bit, venturing into a new area of central Spain that I haven’t been to yet. While visiting Madrid, I took a quick daytrip to Toledo without doing any prior homework, and had the most wonderful surprise. Although the day started out foggy, with almost zero visibility, […]

29 Oct, 2012 in Taipei
Taipei Museum of World Religions (45).JPG

If the Puppetry Museum and the Museum of Drinking Water didn’t convince you there are lots of great little museums across Taipei, perhaps this one will – the Museum of World Religions. In my last visit to Taipei I made a special effort to try and visit some of the lesser known museums in Taipei […]

23 Dec, 2010 in Berat
Berat Albania-9.JPG

Our explorations of the Balkan religions somehow always seemed to revolve around the topic of the exotic Bektashim religion and finally brought us to a tiny hidden gem in the outskirts of Alabnia, a town called Berat (or Berati). Generally speaking, Bektashism is a mysticism oriented Muslim Sufi order which was quite influential during the […]

14 Nov, 2010 in Kruja
Kruja Albania-31.JPG

This post is a wrap up of my visit to Albania’s little town of Kruja. So far, I’ve mentioned Kruja’s old bazaar, the  Kruje Castle and Skanderbeg National Museum and the terrific little National Ethnographic Museum. Still, there’s one little attraction not too far away from all those that’s worth mentioning – the Dollma Teqe, […]

15 Sep, 2009 in Istanbul
Blue Mosque Istanbul.JPG

The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, located at Istanbul’s old city and within walking distance from one another, are gorgeous landmarks of Turkish history and architecture. …

24 Mar, 2008 in India
India Gate Delhi-6.JPG

Although Delhi’s Paharganj area was testing my backpacking travel skills in ways I wasn’t expecting, I sucked it all up and made my way to visit the Delhi main tourist attraction sites. There are some magnificent historical monuments in Delhi and I had about 2 days to explore those. First day, I started up with […]

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