15 May, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Mao - the unknown story - Jung Chang Jon Halliday אמו הסיפור הבלתי נודע

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday came to Tel Aviv University in Israel for the launch of the Hebrew version of "Mao – the unknown story". They both gave fascinating speeches about 20th century’s China and Mao’s regime, but Jung Chang was the center of the event – capturing the crowd with her inspiring personality. I owe much […]

7 May, 2007 in China
Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom - Ben

What would it be like for a ‘spoiled westerner’ in China to become a dirt-worker barbershop trainee? Can a westerner survive a typical everyday job in China? Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom is a relatively new blog I’ve been following for a while, described by China Blog List as "A Jewish guy from Kansas City provides his […]

5 May, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections
jung chang in israel

There are alot of exciting Asian related events happening in Israel recently, and I can hardly keep up. Aside from what I’ve already covered, here are some more recent news and events related to Asia-Israel connections :  Jung Chang, the famous author of Wild Swans and "Mao – the unknown story", will visit Israel …

27 Apr, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal gave a speech on "the fundamental forces and challenges shaping China

Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal gave a speech on "the fundamental forces and challenges shaping China’s future" at the Hebrew University on Wednesday as part of the opening ceremony for the new Louis Frieberg Center for Asian Studies. Xinhua’s reporter in Israel reports (China Daily, People’s Daily, etc.): The political system of China, which is sufficiently flexible […]

22 Apr, 2007 in Chinese culture, World
Guanxi network connections map

It is widely acknowledged that the Chinese culture has a somewhat different perception of how business is conducted. Guanxi, the Chinese social capital term, is the most widely discussed term to describe the Chinese business world, in both China and Taiwan. It is commonly used to emphasis the difference between Chinese and "western" business culture, and the difficulties […]

14 Apr, 2007 in Rankings

What are the best research institutes in Asia and how do those compare to other universities around the world? Is Asian academic research different than that of the "west"? Where is Asian research going? Being interested in Asian academics this past year, I’ve noticed major differences in the way research is perceived in Asia as […]

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