9 Dec, 2007 in Tainan
Tainan city view-28.JPG

Tainan city doesn’t have anything that comes close to the Taipei 101 and the Tainan view is of no comparison to the beautiful view of Taipei from the 101, but, there is some to see. The building complex I live in has some of Tainan’s tallest buildings, my building running as high as 24 floors. …

4 Dec, 2007 in Chinese culture, Tainan

The Tainan God temple celebrations just get crazier every week. Just when I think I’ve seen everything, Tainan hosts another unbelievable temple party for some other God or temple and I get to see some more. This one started 2 in the morning. I know, because I woke up to what sounded like a huge […]

30 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan

It’s been almost a month since I received an email from a reader pointing me to an English article in Haaretz, my favorite Israeli newspaper, called “Our moral nakedness” : […] In other words, a casus belli that has everyone trembling. The UN secretary general, who received Chen’s official request to join, has not even […]

27 Nov, 2007 in Taipei
Gorgeous Taipei city from Taipei 101-1.JPG

I’m a big city kind’o guy, and I just love Taipei. Some of my fellow expats think I’m insane for saying that – “what the f&!k can you possibly like about a dump like Tai-bei?” one asked me at the Armory yesterday, and I simply responded – “I’m not sure, I think everything”. With the […]

5 Nov, 2007 in Chinese culture, Taiwan

I can’t get enough of the Tainanese temple celebration madness. I previously mentioned “Taiwanese culture : Temple Parade in Tainan-Taiwan” and “Temple action in Taiwan – Longshan Taipei and Confucius Tainan”, but what I saw today was, hands down, the most spectacular of the temple celebrations I’ve seen. Yep, still have absolutely no clue what […]

3 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan

I don’t get any of it, I really don’t. I ask the Taiwanese that I know ALOT of questions, but aside from having language barriers, it seems that the new generation I meet can not explain most of what I ask about. That’s not very surprising, as I find that when people ask me about the […]

2 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan
Modern toilet Tainan-9.JPG

First week in Tainan my previous Chinese teacher gave up a cultural presentation on some of Taiwan’s popular culture and that’s when I was first introduced to the concept of a toilet restaurant. I read about it in a few blogs around Taiwan, like the latest interesting Wasai project, but didn’t have a chance to […]

1 Nov, 2007 in Taiwan
Special Taiwanese food market.JPG

Almost everyday I encounter things here in Tainan-Taiwan that are strange, funny, and a bit special about the way that the Taiwanese do things. This is actually the second part to the “Taiwanese peculiarities and interesting anecdotes” I posted before, but I’ve already mentioned quite a few others, like my visit to the Shao-lin Kung-Fu master and “Worship […]

29 Oct, 2007 in Taiwan
Confucius temple Tainan-5.JPG

National Cheng Kung University’s Chinese Language Center (NCKU’s CLC) prepared a special treat for the Chinese students this week with a 3 day weekend tour. First day we went off to the places I’m already well familiar with – Confucius Temple, the Taiwanese Literature Museum and a series of old temples next to the Chikan […]

26 Oct, 2007 in Taiwan
Shaolin master-5.JPG

Since I wasn’t feeling at my best lately, friends from all over the globe have been offering me their kind tips and advice on how to improve my health and overall quality of life. When it comes to taking care of my self, I do things slowly, but eventually things work out. I am feeling […]

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