20 Jun, 2008 in Tainan
Fifty Cent Deck Anping Tainan.jpg

A friend came by from northern Taiwan to visit my little Tainan pond on the worst possible weather. For a while forecast was predicting a comfortable hot sunny day, but then it suddenly turned and rain started pouring like I’ve never seen before. Absolutely mad rain for …

19 Jun, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Dream Mall Kaohsiung-3.jpg

I have mixed feelings about malls. Although I’m not a passionate shopper, and almost feel uncomfortable with the endless options of ways to acquire fashion, the mall provides me with an opportunity for wandering and watching people where everyone else seem to feel comfortable. If I would need to shop for something for myself, it […]

9 Jun, 2008 in Chinese culture, Tainan
Dragon Boat Festival Tainan 2008-1.JPG

Tainan’s 2008 Dragon Boat Festival was held yesterday at the Anping Tainan Canal with both the NCKU IIMBA students and NCKU Chinese Language Center participating. The Duanwu Festival is a Chinese traditional and statutory holiday. It is a public holiday in mainland China and in Taiwan, where it is known as the “Duanwu Festival”. …

5 Jun, 2008 in Tainan
Touring Tainan made easy : The Tainan tourist guiding boards

Till recently those signs were rare being just in the tourist spots in Tainan like next to the Chikan Towers, but it seems that in the past few weeks Tainan city tourism bureau has been putting them all over town, even the less touristic east side. I was surprised to see a few next to […]

4 Jun, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Mei Nong Kaohsiung County-2.JPG

Meinong (美濃鎮) of Kaohsiung County (高雄縣) in southern Taiwan is an area famous for its traditional Hakka folk culture with over 90% the population of Hakka ethnicity. A few weeks back I went with John to explore a bit more of “The Real Taiwan” (:P). Hakka is one of those things in Taiwan that I […]

31 May, 2008 in Taiwan
Israelis in Taiwan : Shani Weinstein writes about Taiwanese culture on YNet

A few weeks ago I mentioned an interview given by an Israeli – Shani Weinstein – for Reshet Bet. Seem like Shani’s pretty active in sharing her Taiwan experience with Israelis as I keep getting email references to things she writes about her life in Taiwan. The latest is an article in the online version […]

30 May, 2008 in NCKU
Hsu Yung Chin NCKU art exhibition-1.JPG

Hsu Yung Chin (徐永進) is a well-known Taiwanese calligrapher who’s doing some very interesting modern “20th-21st century” calligraphy. Every once in a while I visit the NCKU student activity center which is a run-down building that was given to the university student clubs to do with it just about what ever it is they …

29 May, 2008 in NCKU

Oh, how I longed for a show in English. It’s been a while since I saw a show, any show, maybe almost a year. When a group of shy Taiwanese approached me with a card about a play in English called “Heart’s Desire” that was going to take place in NCKU, I was thrilled. …

28 May, 2008 in Asian Studies, Taiwan
The confusing truth : Environment and Pollution in Taiwan and East-Asia

What do you know about the environment in Taiwan? What do you really know about the environment elsewhere, maybe back in your home country? How good or bad are things here in Taiwan? Since arriving in Taiwan I’ve become alot more environmental aware. This has a lot to do with the type of conversations …

27 May, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Tainan
Israel 60 years independence holocaust museum tainan-1.JPG

The Tainan County Bao An Holocaust Museum had a ceremony to celebrate Israel’s 60 years of independence. I went there twice before to help them out with their request to learn how to sing some songs in Hebrew. Arriving there I met a large group of volunteering students from the nearby university who were …

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