14 Apr, 2008 in India
Amber Fort Jaipur.JPG

Early, 7am, we got ready to head to my favorite Indian fort – Jaipur’s Amber Fort. That marble structure up on the mountains against the clouded blue skies looking down at the old city is a sight I’ll never forget. Ever.     The Taiwanese group …

13 Apr, 2008 in India
Taj Mahal Agra-10.JPG

The Taj, is, well, is, eh… damn, it’s gorgeous. I can’t find anything new and interesting to say but that it’s, eh… damn, it’s gorgeous. It really is. We woke up early, really early, and made our way to the Taj Mahal and spent a few hours there. I’ve already found myself a new hobby […]

12 Apr, 2008 in India

We spent an exhausting night on a non-sleeper bus to Delhi, where – at 4:00am, we had to bargain our way through money thirsty Rickshaw drivers from the empty bus-station to the New Delhi train station where our train was going to take us further south. It was horrible. But, we finally made it to […]

10 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan

I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I’ve been told by a Taiwanese friend that this next video has been spreading virally all over the Taiwanese webosphere and emailosphere like mad. I think it’s absolutely hilarious – here’s one crazy Taiwanese motorcyclist : :O How the hell did she do that? …

5 Apr, 2008 in Chinese culture, Taiwan
Visiting the Taiwanese Chinese medicine doctor - Eastern medicine in Taiwan

My health since I’ve arrived in Tainan has been on a terrible up and down rollercoaster. Almost every month I experience one or two health issues that I have no idea what they’re related to, and every once in a while there’s one that really puts me down. It’s allergies, viruses, chronic fatigue, Buddha …

4 Apr, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Little Liu Chiu Island-4.JPG

Spring break. Some of the students I know are down at Kending for the Spring Scream, some just chilling out, some went back to their families to do some family tomb cleaning for the national Tomb Sweeping Day. I was just looking for some relaxation, and was actually planning to take the highway 88 to […]

3 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan

Although I’ve known that the Taiwan holocaust museum is somewhere out there since my first month in Tainan, it is only this week that I was able to figure out where it was hiding. An email from a European holocaust funds organization asking me about the museum has convinced me it was time for me […]

2 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan

It never ceases to amaze me the things I find around Tainan, and those two places I visited this Sunday in the middle of no-where countryside Tainan County were just unbelievably remarkable. I’ll start with the first one. How Taiwan, a country the size of Israel with a sensitive political situation, has been able to […]

1 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwan strange peculiarities - Fuck Tainan

There are a few thing around Tainan that always make me park my scooter and stare, even if it’s the 20th time I go through that street. Fuck is one of them. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever consider calling his place “Fuck”, but there you have it “Fuck …

30 Mar, 2008 in Kaohsiung
Old City East Gate of FengShan-2.JPG

Hidden in the back of the fast developing area of Kaohsiung’s Zuoying – where the Taiwan High Speed Rail reaches Kaohsiung and where the newly opened Kaohsiung underground MRT now runs – is a mysterious world of gorgeous temples and pagodas. Kaohsiung is preparing for the World Games 2009 and so the Lotus pond-lake is […]

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