While visiting Timisoara I was looking for something a bit different, and not too far away from my hotel I saw there was a Communist Consumers Museum, which sounded really promising. I expected some kind of a big overpriced museum, like the DDR Museum in Berlin, but to my surprise this museum turned out to be a basement in a lovely cafe, a personal collection of items from the soviet times of Romania. There are lots of items, but it wouldn’t take you more than 10 min to see the whole thing, unless ofcourse you’re from the area and these items mean something to you. Still, it was pretty cool. The bar person had to go downstairs with me to turn on the lights for me, and I strolled around and took some photos. Afterwards, I ordered coffee and went out to their lovely lounge garden with hammocks and lots of green. I also spent about an hour talking to the bar guy, and hearing a bit about the cafe, the owners, the local art and music scene, and a bit about politics and the EU. At some point I realized it was already mid-day and had to get going, but overall instead of boring myself with museum exhibits in a standard museum I spent morning in a pretty special place talking to locals. Beats ordinary museum experiences any time.


Want to see a bit of what they have… ?



The bar area…



The collection…



The garden…





Do go and visit if you’re in the area, and stay chill at the cafe garden.

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