22 Oct, 2014 in Guangzhou
Redtory Guangzhou-003

In my last few visits to Guanghzou before leaving the region I got to experience a whole new side of this vibrant metropolis.   First off, I visited Redtory, the new growing art district was once a large factory, but the government designated it to artists and galleries, trying to imitate 798 …

19 Oct, 2013 in Guangzhou
Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (14)

Guangzhou has seen tremendous growth in the 4 years I’ve lived in this region. In my recent visit to Guangzhou, almost 3 years after my last visit, I was surprised to see just how much Guangzhou has changed. The Asian Games 2012 cleaned the city and brought in huge investments, and all over Guangzhou you […]

30 Sep, 2013 in Guangzhou

It’s been a couple of years since my last visit to Guangzhou. Honestly, I was never very impressed with the city. Though the city obviously has a lot of history, there’s very little that remains of that, and I found it generally uninspiring. But, on my recent revisit I was surprised to see how much […]

2 Sep, 2011 in Guangzhou
Paihong Dongguan (2).JPG

I’m becoming a China factory expert. Yep, my second factory tour in the manufacturing capital of the world – Guangdong province, once again with a Taiwanese company through some personal contacts who have generously opened their factory for me to walk around and shoot away. It’s a multi-million business, on a far larger scale …

19 Jun, 2011 in Guangzhou
Israeli Kosher Falafel Guangzhou (8).JPG

Completely by accident, just next to a Vietnamese restaurant where I had dinner with a few local friends was a little place called "Falafel" which turned out to be a 100% Israeli Kosher falafel and hummus street takeaway. How odd is that?       …

11 Apr, 2011 in Business in China, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Game Machine Factory (79).JPG

This is the second part summarizing  my trip to a Taiwanese game factory in the Guangzhou area. The first part of the game factory visit summary introduced Tecway and showed some of what they sell their customers, this part will show you a bit of the back scenes – a glimpse into the process of […]

6 Apr, 2011 in Business in China, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Game Machine Factory (31).JPG

If you’ve ever been to one of those video games arcades in Asia then you’re probably familiar with this company. Tecway is a Taiwanese company manufacturing “amusement machines” or “family entertainment centers” to be sold to one of those loud shiny arcades. They own a factory just off of Guangzhou.   …

2 Apr, 2011 in Guangzhou, HK Attractions
Chimelong rollercoaster

Most people are not aware of this, but the area between Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai going up north to Guangzhou has a really dense concentration of amusement parks. It could have to do with the fact that it’s also one of the world’s most populated areas. About a year ago, I was asked …

9 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park-10.JPG

The Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park is, as of 2009, China’s biggest wildest amusement park, and that’s saying alot. A local friend invited me for a day of fun and play and it was absolutely terrific!   (post includes a few videos, those from Blip.TV are mine, those from Youtube are from other …

7 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou - Baiyun White Cloud Mountain-14.JPG

If you want to have a look of Guangzhou from above, Baiyun – White Cloud Mountain is the place you need to go. There’s a cable care that takes you up to almost the top where you can chill out, hike, and enjoy the views on a clear day. …

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