Eddie Lau - Heritage Museum - Hong Kong (5)

I was really hoping to write something about the Bruce Lee exhibition at the Heritage Museum, a fascinating worthy must-see exhibition about the life of the local legend. But, alas, no photography is allowed inside, so you’ll have to go see it yourself. What I was able to capture after the Bruce Lee exhibition was […]

Wan Chai Tour Hong Kong (3)

On a beautiful rainy day I took a visitor to Hong Kong to see the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor, starting at Wan Chai, taking the Star Ferry across the harbor to the Tsim Sha Tsui side, and then back again. Since a typhoon was approaching the city, the skies were especially beautiful, with …

Guia Hill & Fortress - Macau (40)

My recent visit to Macau was slightly different than my first one. I made it my mission to try and explore more of the off-the-beaten-track places. Macau is a small place, and it’s hard to get away from the gambling masses that swamp over Senado Square and the local tourist attractions, but I was able […]

Shinjuku Golden Gai Bar Area  Tokyo (7)

My strangest experience in Tokyo goes, hands down, to my visit to the Shinjuku Golden Gai bar area. If you’re anything like me – having a strong preference for the casual-small-quiet bars/pubs rather than the full-blown noisy-party-dress-up bar/clubs – then the Golden Gai is perfect for you. Alleys filled with tiny bars that usually hold […]

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (14)

Guangzhou has seen tremendous growth in the 4 years I’ve lived in this region. In my recent visit to Guangzhou, almost 3 years after my last visit, I was surprised to see just how much Guangzhou has changed. The Asian Games 2012 cleaned the city and brought in huge investments, and all over Guangzhou you […]


In 2011, Shenzhen hosted the Universiade – the World University Games. I don’t think the locals paid too much attention to it, but I could tell that a lot of money has poured into it, roads were built, flowers were planted, public transport extended, and… huge stadiums were erected. Reports put the insane losses suffered […]

Lake Ashi - Hakone - Japan (1)

Up the Hakone mountains by an old railway, followed by a a series of trams and cable cars, and you’ll find yourself in a gorgeous scenic crater lake, with Mount Fuji hiding between the mountains on a clear day. As far as lakes go, this doesn’t get much better than that. Although Tokyo was …

Hakone Open-Air Museum - Japan (13)

My recent visit to Japan brought many unexpected pleasures and surprises. I can generally say that almost everything I’ve seen in Japan impressed me to my very core. The Japanese have a way of doing things that appeals to my every sense. They’re stylish, they’re creative, they have a sense of esthetics and character that […]

Dragon's back hike - Hong Kong Island (19)

Two years ago I discovered one of Hong Kong’s best hikes – The Dragon’s Back. An easy hike with some of the best views any person could hope for, and all within easy reach from the city down at the south-eastern side of Hong Kong Island. I recently had the pleasure of revisiting this …

Sunken Gardens Saint Petersburg (9)

The day after a relaxed stay at the beautiful Treasure Island we headed up to explore Saint Petersburg. Of all the local attractions we decided to make our first stop at the Saint Petersburg Sunken Gardens, a charming botanical gardens maintained by the local community, dating back around a 100 years and hosting over 50,000 […]

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