Kinmen Folk Culture Village-002

Kinmen Island is a hidden jewel. Though I’ve lived in Taiwan and have visited since leaving numerous times there have always been parts of Taiwan that I’ve wanted to go and haven’t been to yet. Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu islands were on that list. Finally, after many years of yearning I was finally able to […]

The Excelsior Hotel - Causeway Bay - Hong Kong (2)

Hong Kong’s been running a few terrific arts events recently. The Hong Kong Contemporary 2013 was held in the Excelsior Hotel at Causeway Bay which I have never been to before but have always wanted to because of their TToT 37th floor rooftop terrace overlooking the Victoria Harbour. Though I must say the way they […]

National Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola (39).JPG

When I first visited Pensacola as part of an academic tour and talk and asked the locals about the prime attractions nearby they almost unanimously replied – the Naval Museum. The two academics I was with didn’t seem very impressed, deciding to do a quick visit to the the local beaches instead, but the next […]

The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens (47).JPG

What a lovely surprise. In the middle of pretty much nowhere Florida on the east coast are beautiful Japanese gardens that are bound to ease your mind and elevate your spirits. On a lovely sunny morning, the familia set off to explore the gardens, and with the white fluffy skies and the green surrounding the […]

22 May, 2013 in New York City
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Central Park - NYC (51).JPG

Every city should have a Central Park. This should be made a rule taught to every urban architect in the 101 Introduction to Urban Planning course in undergrad and added to every country’s constitution by law – each major urban city there must be, atleast, one Central Park. Why? Because it’s the kind of thing […]

Palm Beach - the beach (1).JPG

The familia wasn’t originally planning a stop at Palm Beach, but as we made our way down south from Orlando towards Miami and checked our options for a weekend stay we made a last minute decision to just try Palm Beach. What’s there? Not much that we knew of, but it turned out quite pleasant. […]

Mission San Luis de Apalachee Tallahassee (16).JPG

Want ancient history in Tallahassee? you got it. Mission San Luis de Apalachee is as far back as you can find in Tallahassee. Dating back to the early 17th century, the mission was part of the tragic efforts by the Spanish to colonize the area and convert the local native Americans to Christianity. The present […]

Camuy Caves Puerto Rico (46).JPG

In between the gorgeous beaches of Rincon and the world’s largest Arecibo Observatory I stopped at a prime attraction, hidden somewhere on the Puerto Rican central mountains – the Rio Camuy River Cave Park. Home to the world’s third largest subterranean river, and with over 220 caves (and many more still unexplored), this place is […]

Rincon Puerto Rico (16).JPG

Surf’s up. No major attractions in the Puerto Rican Rincon area, but if you’re into white sand beaches with gorgeous subsets and some major surfs then Rincon is where you should be. I drove with a car through the winding roads along the coast, stopping every once in a while to climb up to …

Flagler college Saint Augustine (1).JPG

Previously the prestigious Ponce de Leon Hotel serving the richest of America, it is now part of the Flagler College campus, set in the wonderful historic town of Saint Augustine. And what a lovely college it is. It must be a unique experience to study in a college that looks as fine as that. …

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