I spent the last few days walking about in Boston, a surprisingly charming city with a relatively laid back atmosphere combining history, academics and culture. I was blessed with gorgeous weather and amazingly friendly and welcoming locals who have made my stay very pleasant. Though it has taken me time to warm up to …

Tel Aviv Harbor (9).JPG

Of all the changes that have taken place in Tel Aviv over the last decade, the one at the Tel Aviv harbor is probably the one I find most impressive. From a run-down deserted wasteland to a wonderful stretch of non-imposing bars, restaurants, and shopping options.   A good time to …

Chaoyang Park - Beijing (24).JPG

Though Chaoyang Park (朝阳公园; Cháoyáng Gōngyuán) probably isn’t the nicest park you can find in Beijing, it is the biggest one and there are a number of features and key attractions that would make this park a perfect weekend getaway for families.   There are small hands-on museums, a medium size amusement …

Sanlitun - Beijing (6).JPG

Sanlitun is perhaps the most well known expat area in Beijing. On the way back from the Chaoyang park and a visit to the nearby flower market and a local community of folks from my home country, I made my way back through Sanlitun. To my surprise, I must admit, I found it to be […]

Hansen - Alma Zohar performance (9).JPG

Though most of the secular Jerusalem folks have already taken to the notion that Jerusalem is culturally dead, especially in comparison to the younger more vibrant Tel Aviv, every time I go back to visit I discover that’s far from the truth. In my recent visit there were atleast 3 festivals going on and dozens […]

Blues Bar - Live Music - Chicago (16).JPG

In Chicago? Then you have go check out some of the local Chicago blues bars to get a taste of the world famous Chicago blues music.   Completely unexpected, I was taken to two different blues bars on two different occasions – once, by a lovely American Taiwanese living in Chicago, and the …

13 Aug, 2012 in Toronto
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Kensington China Town Toronto (20).JPG

As long as we’re writing about interesting neighborhoods, Toronto’s Kensington area near China Town also has a special atmosphere. My two visits to the area was somewhat brief, but it nonetheless left a mark as a vibrant, energetic, and colorful place that shows a bit of how culturally diverse Toronto can get.   …

Wicker Park Chicago (28).JPG

One of the more charming neighborhoods I had the pleasure of visiting while in Chicago was Wicker Park, vaguely familiar to me from scenes of a movie that goes by that name. Luckily for me, a lovely & enthusiastic Couch-Surfing host was kind enough to tolerate my company and lead me through the streets and […]

Gettysburg - Pennsylvania (17).JPG

Gettysburg carries with it a special meaning for the Americans, as it is considered one of the most important battles in American history that determined the fate of the American Civil War. This was the battle where Lee of the southern armies was finally stopped and turned back from his crusade into the north. …

Dafen Artist Village Shenzhen (14).jpg

Want classy paintings hanging in your house or office but can’t afford it? Shenzhen has a solution for you – Dafen "Artist Village", where you’ll find endless painting shops with artists copying the best of the best of the art world. Fancy a Van Gogh? Maybe a Picasso? Hand them the photo, come back in […]

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