Yarid Hotzot Hayotzer - Outdoors arts fair.JPG

The annual Yarid Chutzot Ha-Yotzer was taking place last week in Jerusalem in the beautiful valley between the Jaffa gate of the old city and Yemin Moshe (official link).    Lots of stuff to see and do. Local artists         International artists      (Biggest representation was for China)    Music shows The evening I was […]

Dome of the Rock-1.JPG

It’s been years since I was last there and so much has happened in Israel since. Waiting in line, all waiting with me were tourists. A big Korean group, some Germans and quite a few French folks. No Israelis, though. Swiping my bag through security the guy asks me “What country are you from?” and […]

25 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem : Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman

There are quite a few insane things happening around Jerusalem. I always try to picture myself as a tourist and imagine how I would respond to seeing those oddities all around me. The Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman movement is one of those things that are hard to explain. It’s a bit like a Tainan […]

Art and Pasta at the Museum of Italian Jews in Jerusalem

Last week the Museum of Italian Jews in down-town Jerusalem celebrated Italian culture with lots of great food and arts from Italy. The Italian Jewish community in Jerusalem is small but vibrant, orbiting around the community synagogue and museum at the foot of Hillel Street downtown – and like most Italians, they know how to […]

Jaffa night flee market 2008-3.jpg

Usually open on weekends, the Jaffa flee market was open during last Thursday night with special performances and artists gathering together to bring some of that magical night market atmosphere to Israel. There were some bands playing around. Greek style… And a bit of Jazz… And some general …

Oscar Shindler burial yard Jerusalem.JPG

Just outside the old city walls overlooking the neighborhood of Abu-Tor is a Christian-Arab burial ground. In that place rests the person who became especially famous after Spielberg’s Oscar winning film “Schindler’s List”, Oskar Schindler, for rescuing Jews during the second world war Nazi rule. What looks a bit different , you’ll probably notice, is […]

Jerusalem - Armon Hanatziv underground water tunnels-19.jpg

A week after arriving back in Israel my dad, who’s doing tour guiding as a hobby to selected groups of friends and family, took a group from his workplace to see a part of Jerusalem most locals, like myself, don’t really know about. Here’s the little I was able to find about it in English […]

6 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
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Sultan Süleyman the magnificent - Jerusalem – On, around and inside the old city walls

The old city walls in Jerusalem are probably the best preserved Turkish style old city walls anywhere in the world. Sultan Süleyman or “Süleyman the magnificent” did an amazing job with the old city walls in Jerusalem back in the 16th century. On top of many other city walls built and destroyed before his …

4 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
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Church of the Holy Sepulchre-29.JPG

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Latin: Sanctum Sepulchrum), also called the Church of the Resurrection by Eastern Christians, is a Christian church within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. The site is venerated by most Christians as Golgotha, (the Hill of Calvary), where the New Testament says that Jesus was crucified, and is said […]

3 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
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Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem-5.JPG

Although I’ve lived in Jerusalem most of my life there’s still so much about this city that I know nothing about. Ever since I took first took interest in exploring Jerusalem a few years ago I keep discovering something new about Jerusalem almost weekly. This Saturday it was the Rockefeller museum, north of the old […]

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