7 Mar, 2019 in Seoul

In one of my recent visits to Seoul I was looking for something fun and cultural to do and saw that there’s a funky Argentinian show in town –  Fuerza Bruta. I bought tickets without doing too much digging and so wasn’t sure what to expect, and so I was completely taken by surprise and […]

24 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Seoul

My second trip to Korea was very different than my first one. My first visit to Korea was with an all-Chinese no-English organized Taiwanese group, which – while been the most amazing travel bargain I’ve ever experienced – was completely out of my control. I felt like I was treated like a spoiled kid, or […]

22 Nov, 2012 in Seoul

Not too far off Seoul is the Goguryeo Folk Village, offering you a glimpse into two important aspects of Korea’s culture – history, and TV. The Koreans constructed a small blacksmith town from to resemble what a traditional Korean town would look like in the times of Goguryeo dynasty, and this has later served as […]

23 Apr, 2012 in Seoul
Gyeongbokgung Palace - Seoul (52).JPG

When it comes to beautiful palaces with unpronounceable names,  Gyeongbokgung Palace  in Seoul (or Gyeongbok Palace 경복궁) is got to be one of the finest. It’s my second visit to the palace, the first time being with a Taiwanese tour group, and it’s different wondering around by yourself. For one, the palace seemed …

17 Mar, 2012 in Seoul
Namdaemun Market - Seoul-10.JPG

Looking for a feel of a traditional market in Seoul? Namdaemun Market is just the place for you. It has quite a bit of history, dating back as far as the 15th century – they’d have you believe, though the various wars throughout the years have left little history to observe. It does remain, …

8 Feb, 2012 in Seoul
Seoul Grand Park (64).JPG

Simply put, another supersized zoo meets amusement park surrounded by nature – Korean style. Not sure this is what I’d recommend culture addicts roaming Korea for local experience but if you’re already in the area to visit the nearby parks and museums (e.g. National Museum of Contemporary Art) or you’ve got kids, then this would […]

24 Jan, 2012 in Seoul
Insadong - Seoul (1).JPG

There are lots of wonderful neighborhoods in Seoul, but Insadong is perhaps one of the more charming ones to visit, especially as a tourist. It has some laid back traditional Korean feeling to it, offering the glimpse into Korean traditions and culture that tourists expect to see during a quick visit to Seoul.     […]

15 Dec, 2011 in Seoul
Kimchi Museum - Seoul (8).JPG

Do you like Kimchi? Though my ability to endure any sort of spicy cuisine is extremely limited, somehow – Kimchi is one of those things I can’t seem to get enough of. Outside Korea we tend to mainly focus on one typical sort of Kimchi, but soon after arriving in Korea you realize that Kimchi […]

7 Dec, 2011 in Seoul
Namsan Hanok Village - Seoul (12).JPG

I’ve always had mixed feelings about folk villages. On the one side, I’m really curious about other cultures, especially the minority cultures within the Asian countries that I visit. On the other side, you can’t escape the feeling that what those folk villages do is reduce the culture into the shallowest tourist-oriented stereotypes employing local […]

11 Nov, 2011 in Seoul
Dongdaemun - Seoul (12).JPG

Kid flying around with their Taekwondo, street hiphop improvisations, bands playing on stage, DJs throwing mass street parties, and motivation-speakers keeping young crowds tuned. At the Dongdaemun gu, near Hankuk University, I got a really pleasant surprise of running into all that and much more while heading for something completely different. Walking around that main […]

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