3 Aug, 2016 in Mexico City
Museo Nacional de las Culturas - Mexico City-001

The historic center of Mexico City is filled with great attractions, like the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán and Museo del Templo Mayor. In the area are also a few local museums featuring some of the local arts and culture. One of those is the Museo Nacional de las Culturas, a national museum dedicated to world […]

27 Jan, 2016 in Mexico City
Historical center Mexico City (55)

My visit to Mexico City was based at the wonderful historic center. I arrived late the first night and headed out to explore, surprised to find live music playing in street corners accompanied by locals causally dancing in the streets, street performers, lots of local cantinas serving cheap drinks, and a bunch of Mariachis roaming around between […]

25 Nov, 2015 in Mexico City
Ancient canals of Xochimilco  Mexico City (3)

If you’re looking for a funky local experience in Mexico City, then head down south to the ancient canals of Xochimilco to see what the Mexicans made of the ancient Aztec UNESCO heritage water systems. No, it’s not a museum, and you probably won’t get to see much of the history, I’d say the preservation […]

26 Oct, 2015 in Mexico City
UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico campus Mexico City (12)

I’ve heard quite a lot about UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), one of Latin America’s best universities situated at the southern part of Mexico City. If you don’t have a reason to visit for the local academics, then atleast consider visiting for the interesting campus they have. On one of my visits to Mexico […]

8 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Coyoacan Mexico City (13)

A bit off the tourist beaten track and the touristic historical center down in the southern parts of Mexico City is Coyoacan, a pleasant area most famous for the neighborhood where two of Mexico’s most well known Mexican artist couple resided – Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Besides the colonial architecture in the Jardín Centenario […]

7 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Museo del Templo Mayor Mexico City (12)

Lots was going on in Mexico City long before the Spanish stormed in. At the center of modern Mexico City at the heart of what’s referred to as the historical center (Zocalo) stood a great Aztec temple. Dating back to 14th century and signifying an important lost culture, the sight is now a UNESCO heritage […]

6 Jul, 2015 in Mexico City
Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral Zocalo Plaza de la Constitucion (11)

My tour of Mexico City started at the Centro Historio, the historical center district, where many of Mexico’s historical tourist attractions are concentrated. Arriving at my B&B quite late, I set off for a walking tour of the area, first heading towards Zocalo to see the Constitution Plaza and the Metropolitan Cathedral – icons of […]

13 May, 2015 in Mexico City
Torre Latinoamericana Observation Deck Mexico City

Looking for a place to look at Mexico City from above? At the entrance to the pedestrian street leading to the historic center of Mexico City is the tall Torre Mirador Latinoamericana which hosts a very humble observation deck on the top. You could also go up to the bar for some drinks at comparable […]

30 Apr, 2015 in Mexico City
Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico-041

Even though years roaming around the world has somewhat numbed my ability to be wowed with new sites I visit, the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico had a definite wow effect on me. I did not do my homework before going there and so nothing has prepared me for the scale of this historical wonder. Within […]

11 Feb, 2015 in Mexico City
Lucha libre Mexican Wrestling (1)

This was, by far, the strangest cultural experience I’ve had while visiting Mexico City. I knew nothing about this Lucha Libre and had no idea what to expect, but the hour or so at the Arena Coliseo with masked chubby Mexican wrestlers and the very enthusiastic local Mexican crowd turned out to be a night […]

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