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More of Anping : Eternal Golden Castle and Anping Tree House

A few days ago I went back with a friend to continue my tour of Tainan’s older area – Anping.

First up, was Eternal Golden Castle, Fort Zeelandia’s bigger, newer and more modernized fort.

Shen, Bao-Jhen, one of famous officials in Cing Dynasty, built it in 1874 and finished in 1876, in order to defend the Japanese army’s invasion and for the Anping ocean’s safeguard.
In 1895, Taiwan was ceded to Japan.And at that time, Taiwan’s people fired upon Japanese battleship by this fortress and prevent Taiwan from Japanese invasion successfully. During the war between Japan and Russia, in order to pay for the war expense, Japanese government sold some cannons.After that, it lost it’s military value.

Anping Eternal Golden Castle-11.JPG Anping Eternal Golden Castle-2.JPG Anping Eternal Golden Castle.JPG

Anping Eternal Golden Castle-12.JPG Anping Eternal Golden Castle-18.JPG Anping Eternal Golden Castle-25.JPG

After that, in search of a restaurant we heard about that’s up on a tree, we made our way to the Anping Tree House, which wasn’t what we were looking for but was interesting – a tree overtaking a house.

Anping Tree House-2.JPG Anping Tree House-1.JPG Anping Tree House-7.JPG

There’s something special about Anping. As the crowded noisy streets of central Tainan fade behind – the roads become wider, you start seeing canals, small lakes, big old temples and can feel the sea breeze.

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