Taipei’s got a blooming cultural scene, with new cultural districts offering lots of cultural events, exhibitions, and art displays. In 2014 I made a cultural tour visit to Taipei and discovered a few new areas, and when I came back to visit in 2016 I went in for a quick revisit to see what was new and exciting. One of those new districts was Songshan, where I visited two wonderful exhibitions (4D Holography and Nathan Sawaya’s Lego Art), and in my recent visit I discovered that the fantastic 2121 Design from Tokyo headed by some of the world’s greatest Japanese designers (e.g., Issey Miyake) had an exhibition in Songshan called “Measuring” (This much, That much, How much?). What could be so fascinating about measures? it was mind-blowing. Measures are a man constructed concept meant to find order in the world, and it was very interesting to discover how measures came to be, how they’re different in different cultural contexts, the meaning behind measures, and much more. What was even more fun was the presentation, it was all interactive with very creative ways of visualizing measures and the story for both kids and adults with no background whatsoever.


So, after arriving in Songshan…



I entered the exhibition…



Watch this next video capture of an interactive exhibit:


Some nice shops in the district and plenty of other little exhibitions, if you’re already there…






Try and catch the traveling “measuring” 2121 exhibition if it’s coming to your area. If you’re in Taipei be sure to check what’s happening in Songshan, most chances you (and your family/kids) will enjoy the visit.

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