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Ghibli Studios exhibition: Hong Kong

Beginning of September I was feeling a bit bored in Hong Kong and was looking for interesting things to do when I ran into an announcement of an unusual exhibition at Kowloon Bay – Ghibli Studios. I watched many of the Ghibli studio classics over the years, and even though I couldn’t remember them all I remember them having profound impact on me, long before I knew anything about Asia and what it means to live in this part of the world. These movies were weird, strange, magical, mysterious, frightening, inspiring, it was a just a roller coaster ride of emotions. So I had to go and have a look.

There was very little English, but considering that and that it was in no-space Hong Kong, the exhibition was large and interesting, and reminded me a few things I’ve long forgotten. It also helped me realize I want to go back and watch all of those again.


Ready for Ghibli nostalgia?


Pom Poko



Howl’s Moving Castle



Princess Mononoke



Spirited Away




Castle in the Sky



My Neighbor Totoro




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