15 Feb, 2015 in San Francisco
Alcatraz Tour San Francisco-017

San Francisco is a gorgeous city and there’s a lot to see and do, but of all the tourist attractions in the area I’d say the visit to the Alcatraz Prison was the most memorable. Not only is there a tale to tell about this prison, but the boat trip to get to it and […]

20 Nov, 2014 in San Francisco
filination 2014.2.21 660472250517190188_31351308

San Francisco was a very pleasant surprise. I had unpleasant memories of San Francisco when I visited around the year 2000, and so wasn’t sure what to expect, but San Francisco turned out to be a gorgeous city, and one of the many ways you can enjoy this city is by foot.   …

13 Oct, 2014 in San Francisco
Computer History Museum San Jose

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a geek. Okay, a lot of a geek. Since I laid my eyes on the XT machine my dad brought home to run an experiment back in the early 80s I was completely hooked. Although I wasn’t quite aware of what preceded that, looking at how boring the […]

16 Sep, 2014 in San Francisco
Redwood Regional Park - Oakland California-010

While visiting Berkeley earlier this year I was surprised to learn that one of my old friends from my good old times in Taiwan is living with her family at the Oakland area not too far away from campus. The next day following a heartwarming reunion, we set off to explore some of the famous […]

7 Aug, 2014 in San Francisco
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Hyde Street Pier San Francisco (16)

Lots to see and do along the gorgeous San Francisco waterfronts. Different piers offering various attractions. There are sea lions and tourist shopping in Pier 39, there’s an old second world war battle ship and a funky old game machines museum in Pier 45 but further off to the west towards the Golden Bridge is […]

8 Jul, 2014 in San Francisco
Musée Mécanique Pier 45 San Francisco (2)

A small hidden gem in the lovely pier area in San Francisco is a museum of old game machines, before video games came to be, when things were a bit more naive and simple. It’s quite remarkable what you could do with a bit of machinery and creative vision, some of those games are just […]

5 Jul, 2014 in San Francisco
Pier 39 San Francisco (16)

Lots to see and do in beautiful San Francisco but one of the main tourist attractions is the waterfront which includes several lively piers with lots of shopping and entertainment options. Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, is probably most famous for sea lion sightings where you can see them by the dozens, chilling out, occasionally crying […]

18 Jun, 2014 in San Francisco
Lombard street San Francisco California-007

San Francisco is quite unique in its layout, with steep hills and surrounded by water, which makes for some pretty insane roads going up and down but also with some spectacular views of the bay from the top of those hills. A famous street to catch some of that is Lombard Street. It has …

5 Apr, 2014 in San Francisco
Japanese Tea Garden - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco (1)

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a wonderful retreat right at the center of San Francisco. The park includes lots of attractions to enjoy, like the conservatory of flowers I mentioned before, and it even offers something for those like myself with an Asian heart – a little piece of Japanese heaven, the Japanese […]

26 Mar, 2014 in San Francisco
Conservatory of Flowers - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco (3)

San Francisco is gorgeous. I enjoyed everything I saw in the last visit, was very impressed with how things looked and how relaxed and happy the locals seemed in most parts of the big city. One of the things I was especially impressed with was the Golden Gate Park. That a city that size would […]

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