30 Nov, 2012 in Beijing
Laoshe Tea House - Beijing (25).JPG

Perhaps the most obvious cultural attraction in Beijing is to catch a local performance featuring acrobats and a "Peking opera". There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but somehow we decided on the options that tries to blend that with a feel for an old Beijing tea house. We made our way […]

21 Oct, 2012 in Nanjing
Nanjing Confucius Temple (32).JPG

Overlooking Qin Huai River and not too far from old Nanjing walls and the Gate of China is the Nanjing Confucius Temple featuring one of the biggest statues of the great teacher. In Taiwan I’ve been told that Confucian temples generally are not suppose to have statues, just scrolls, but this doesn’t seem to be […]

18 Mar, 2011 in Taipei
Maokong Taipei (22).JPG

I recently had the chance to come back to revisit the Maokong Gondola, this time on a much better weather. Away from the clouds and mist I could finally see what was outside, and enjoy the terrific views.   (that’s Chih Nan Temple there, on the mountain on the left) …

7 Dec, 2010 in Taipei
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-31.JPG

Aside from magical alleys, gorgeous views and curious shops, Jiu Fen is also well known for the lovely Japanese Tea houses it hosts. The one I visited while I went to Jiu Fen was the Jiufen Teahouse (九份茶坊) at 142 Jishan Street, a really nicely decorated place with a special ambience.   …

5 Oct, 2010 in Taipei
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-49.JPG

On a cloudy rainy day in Taiwan I finally had the chance to go to a place I’ve been wanting to go to for years – Jiufen (Chiufen, Jioufen, 九份, Jiǔfèn), an hour east from Taipei. Lucky for me, the longer I stayed up there, the clearer it became, finally giving way to gorgeous views […]

24 Aug, 2010 in Shanghai
Shanghai Qibao (21).JPG

When you picture old China, what comes to mind? If you want to feel more of old Chinese-style Shanghai you need to move away from the colonial areas and the modern skyscrapers and venture onto the water towns surrounding Shanghai City. While there are quite a few water town options, the closest one to central […]

2 Aug, 2010 in Taipei
Maokong Tea Houses - Muzha

After taking the Maokong Gondola in Muzha up to the last station there are some wonderful teahouses up on the top with a variety of local tea flavors grown in the nearby Muzha tea farms and offering great views of the city on a clear day.     The Taiwan …

1 Aug, 2009 in HK Culture & Life
Dimsim at Luk Tu Tea House Stanley Central-2.JPG

You can argue all you want about Chinese food, but I’ve yet to hear about someone who doesn’t like Dim Dum, and there’s no place for Dim Sum like Hong Kong (and Taiwan, and China, but I’m in HK now, so let’s make it about Hong Kong). To enjoy the best of what …

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