7 Dec, 2018 in Lijiang

Yunnan province and Lijiang were some of the nicest visits I’ve had to China so far, and I’ve been around – to many parts of China. Lijiang has a very well kept old town, and some world class attractions. At the center of the old town is Lion Rock Mountain with its Wangu Tower overlooking […]

29 Nov, 2018 in Guangdong, Visions

By now, I’ve explored most of what Hong Kong has to offer and so I find myself venturing out to the nearby mainland China Guangdong province. When I ask my Hong Kong friends if they go travel in Guangdong they usually reply there isn’t much to visit or see there, it’s not like Guangdong is […]

16 Mar, 2017 in Daytrips from Sapporo, Visions

While I was spending the summer in Sapporo in Hokkaido, the Otaru daytrip was promoted to me as the Japanese Netherlands, in that it had ‘canals’. Japanese tourists from all over Japan who flew in to cool down in the north would go to Otaru in expectation that it would offer a bit of European […]

10 Jan, 2017 in Daytrips from Sapporo

More cable cars in Hokkaido? you got it. A quick daytrip from Sapporo, where I spent most of the last summer, is the lovely Niseko area, well known as a great ski resort. Since I love cable cars and just can’t get enough of them, when given the choice between going up the mountain for grand […]

9 Jan, 2017 in Sapporo

I spent most of the last summer in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, the northern region of Japan. Aside from the wonderful cultural adventure of visiting Japan and the lovely scenic beauty of the region there was one thing that made Sapporo especially cool – it had a lot of cable cars. I think […]

17 Jun, 2016 in Hakone
Hotsprings - Hakone Yumoto (10)

I’ve been asked questions about my visit to the lovely Hakone, a wonderful getaway trip from Tokyo, and when looking back to share some of the adventures from my trip I realized that I didn’t mention the way to get there. First off, there are plenty of wonders in the Hakone region: You start off […]

11 Dec, 2014 in Kyoto
Fushimi Inari Kyoto (10)

Fushimi Inari is one of the nicest temples to visit in Kyoto, one of the must TODOs on your temple run. In the first post, we hiked up the Inari mountain through the thousands of orange torii orange gates of the Fushimi Inari Temple through a mountain trail of a few kilometers. Although it’s not […]

11 Dec, 2014 in Kyoto
Fushimi Inari Kyoto (7)

Of all the temples I visited in Kyoto, the first and possibly the most impressive of them all was Fushimi Inari. Climbing up a 4km trail from ground level on the slopes of the Inari mountain, you’ll be awed by the beautiful orange toriis, the gorgeous wooden gates below, and the 32,000 little shrines around […]

7 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou - Baiyun White Cloud Mountain-14.JPG

If you want to have a look of Guangzhou from above, Baiyun – White Cloud Mountain is the place you need to go. There’s a cable care that takes you up to almost the top where you can chill out, hike, and enjoy the views on a clear day. …

7 Nov, 2008 in Taipei
YangMingShan Taipei-2.JPG

I’m not really sure where it was. I went up with a bunch of local Taiwanese to some magical spot up in Yangmingshan. The locals grow some special flowers, tea and herbs in a valley enclosed between Yangmingshan’s peeks almost touching the clouds.

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