21 Jun, 2008 in Taiwan
Taiwan super buses-5.jpg

Instead of taking the train/HSR up to the airport, I took the regular night bus. It reminded me of my first arrival in Taiwan a few years back. Never in my life, anywhere else, have I seen anything like it. I’m a tall guy, way too tall for the average …

2 Mar, 2008 in India

Having rested a little, I went out to explore Panaji. Panaji is a gorgeous little town and the Goa Indians have the Portuguese to thank for that. The two days previous, which weren’t that great, just made Panaji even more beautiful. Since it’s not too big, it’s also a great place to explore on foot. […]

28 Feb, 2008 in India

I arrive at 4:30am at Panaji, totally exhausted from a night-bus ride from Pune, and it was completely dark around us. Not a single building light in view. Going down from the local bus, all the Rickshaw folks quickly headed my way. “We take you best best beach, only 500 rupee” they start …

27 Feb, 2008 in India
Mumbai to Pune train-2.JPG

Half way through my Mumbai experience during my first day in India, I decided to head out of Mumbai to a more peaceful country-side relaxation spot up on the famous British hill-mountain stations. I arrived at the Victoria terminus and bought a ticket to the station where the slow train was suppose to take off […]

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