One of the most interesting attractions in Sapporo is an open-air Historical Village of Hokkaido museum on the eastern side of the city featuring 50+ historical buildings from all over the northern Japanese region of Hokkaido from the Meiji and Taisho periods of Japan (1868 – 1926) to take you back in time to a very traditional and much simpler living in Japan. You can wonder around an old town square, a farm, a fishing village, and a mountain village. In each of the buildings is a very nice restoration of local life, setup to look exactly the way it used to be, with actors playing in different parts of the park, and some local happenings, like horse-carriage rides and local craftsmen at work. I spent half a day there and just barely had enough time to see it all. You could easily spend a day to see all the buildings and engage in all that it has to offer. A wonderful way to get a taste of old historical Japan…





Tags: cultural; culture; Historical Village; history; Hokkaido; Kaitaku no Mura; open air museum; Sapporo; 開拓の村;

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