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Habonim Beach – Northern Israel


In my last visit to Israel I went with a friend and his family to do some BBQing in a beach a bit up-north Habonim Beach. It was a lovely little beach, with lots of beautiful nature and sea-life.

Most people outside of Israel usually don’t know that Israel has some really terrific beaches. Although most are in danger of over-development, this beach – Habonim – is one of those beaches that were protected as a nature-reserve and left relatively unharmed by the commercialism of modern economies, making for a pleasant getaway.

So, following are some photos from that day. Hopefully, many more of those when I come back from the next visit.

Habonim beach-1.JPG

Habonim beach-3.JPG

Habonim beach-22.JPG

Habonim beach-49.JPG

Habonim beach-46.JPG

Habonim beach-50.JPG

Habonim beach-19.JPG

Habonim beach-21.JPG

Habonim beach-43.JPG

Habonim beach-28.JPG

Habonim beach-10.JPG

See more photos from “Israel in Photos” awarding this beach “the most beautiful beach in Israel”, & over @ Dor Habonim Beach Nature Reserve.


Side-note : It’s been a while since I’ve been to Israel. I’ll be back to visit Israel during the Passover holiday (around Easter time), and I’m hoping the weather would be travel perfect.

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  • Nitzan - yeah, I wish we had more beaches like that.

  • Wow, really nice pictures Have a great visit, stories about Israel, be happy to post them:

  • Surely one of the best beaches in Israel that you can see the nature and relax in the beach. Dor beach (south of the Ha-Bonim beach) and Rosh Hnikra beach are spectacular too.

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