12 Jul, 2018 in HK Attractions

Just when I think I’ve seen everything in Hong Kong, especially museum wise, I run into a new surprise. Away from the tourist beaten track in Tseun Wan, just near the MTR is the Sam Tung Uk Museum, a 200 years old walled village turned museum. Will give you a feel for the Hong Kong history, […]

10 Mar, 2017 in HK Attractions

In 2014 I left Hong Kong after living there for a few years. Although Hong Kong and the region are generally in very fast development, the changes are not always noticeable to tourists – the last time I visited there were new MTR lines popping up (e.g., there are now one taking you to Ocean […]

5 Aug, 2012 in HK Attractions
Horse Racing - Sha Tin (23).JPG

One of the must experiences in Hong Kong to get a feel for local culture is to participate in a horse racing event. It took me almost 3 years in Hong Kong to finally attend one, but even though this experience is not likely to repeat any time soon, I can atleast now happily cross […]

30 Jul, 2012 in HK Attractions
Bank of China Tower - Central - HK (2).JPG

If you want to go up to see Hong Kong from above but don’t feel like having to pay anything to a tourist trap or a pricey drink in a skyscraper bar, then there are other options available to you around Hong Kong. One of the nicer lesser known options is the observation deck of […]

28 Jul, 2012 in HK Attractions
Sky100 HK 002.JPG

If you’re looking for truly panoramic views of Hong Kong, then it would make sense that the best place for that would be Hong Kong’s tallest tower – the International Commerce Centre, which just so happens to be located in one of Hong Kong’s best locations overlooking Victoria Harbour. With all the new skyscrapers popping […]

4 Jul, 2012 in HK Attractions
Medical Sciences Museum Sheung Wan (14).jpg

After over three years in Hong Kong I’m slowly running out of new museums to visit. But, still, every once in a while I happen to stumble upon a new HK local treat I haven’t seen before, and so one day as I was walking around Sheung Wan I saw a sign pointing to the […]

21 Sep, 2011 in HK Attractions
Golden Bauhinia Square-33.JPG

Someone please explain this to me. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Hong Kong sees the Golden Bauhinia as a tourist attraction. The first time I was in Wan Chai with the HK Walks booklet I followed their suggested path and went all the way – 20 minutes – from Wan Chai […]

21 Jun, 2011 in HK Attractions
Heritage 1881 Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon (23).JPG

Heritage 1881 takes the shopping experience in Hong Kong into a whole new level, atleast from where I’m standing, and that’s saying a lot in a city that revolves around posh expensive shopping. It’s a relatively new shopping attraction in Hong Kong and it looks absolutely grand, especially during night time. What these …

2 Apr, 2011 in Guangzhou, HK Attractions
Chimelong rollercoaster

Most people are not aware of this, but the area between Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai going up north to Guangzhou has a really dense concentration of amusement parks. It could have to do with the fact that it’s also one of the world’s most populated areas. About a year ago, I was asked …

17 May, 2010 in HK Attractions
Kau Sai Chau (9).JPG

Kau Sai Chau’s Golf Course is as good as it gets with public golf courses. Set in the beautiful scenery of Sai Kung Peninsula, looking terrific from my university (HKUST) not too far away, people might go there to golf – but the view and the settings is what makes it special. There are other […]

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