Great St Martin Church Cologn Old Town (1)

The grand Cologne Cathedral is the most famous attraction in Cologne, but the old town offers quite a few other lovely historic churches, monasteries and cathedrals to see. A walking tour of an hour or two should be enough to visit the highlights, and so here’s what I saw during my visit.   …

Balboa Park - San Diego (4)

Much to see and do in San Diego’s Balboa Park. It has an amazing array of top notch museums, a large zoo as well as gardens and restaurants, and depending on your preference you can either spend a few hours wondering around or a few days visiting all the museums and gardens. I skipped most […]

Griffith Observatory  Los Angeles (3)

Looking for stunning views of Los Angeles from above? On one of my previous visits to Los Angeles I suggested the wonderful world-class Getty Center. But, if art isn’t exactly your thing and you’re perhaps more into astronomy, or just want to get the views, then Griffith Observatory is definitely your first choice. Close to […]

Desert Garden Balboa Park  San Diego-019

San Diego is surrounded by desert with gorgeous desert scenery in every direction you go. Typically, a visit to gardens in parks will offer a lot of green, and San Diego definitely has much of that, probably due to its proximity to the ocean, but since it is a desert, it also has a more […]

Cologne Cathedral-016

The most famous attraction in the city of Cologne in Germany is the first thing you see when you come out from the train station. It’s impossible to miss, you’ll see it from almost every part of the old town of Cologne – the Cologne Cathedral. Day or night, it’s an impressive structure, inspiring awe […]

Visions of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia has been on my radar for quite some time, but I never really got around to visiting. A conference in New York City and a quick visit to Princeton University brought me close enough to be able to pop in for a quick visit, and I discovered a really charming city, with a great […]

Goethe University Frankfurt Germany

Following a conference in Amsterdam, I proceeded to a uni-tour of western Germany, beginning from Cologne, through Frankfurt, to Munich. In Frankfurt, I visited the lovely campus of Goethe University, with some presence of the Max Plank Institute (European History of Law, mostly). It’s a charming campus, close to the lush Grüneburg Park, but perhaps […]

BMW World Munich Germany (24)

Munich is a city filled with history and culture and surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery, but there’s another side to Munich that car fanatics will appreciate – it’s a manufacturing home to some of the world’s most successful auto companies – BMW, Audi, MAN, etc. Personally, I’ve never seen so many cars I consider as […]

3 Jun, 2015 in Munich
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Lake Starnberg Munich Germany (36)

Munich is a charming city, but there’s also a lot to explore in the nearby area. After a few days of gloomy European weather, the sun finally came out, and so it was time to hit the road and explore a bit of the nature surrounding Munich. Lake Starnberg proved to be a wonderful retreat […]

Princeton University New Jersey (1)

Been wanting to visit the famous Princeton University campus for quite some time, but it was only a recent conference in New York City that I was able to finally make it. Once the conference was over, I took the train from Penn Station to arrive at the empty campus on National Day. Students already […]

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