Guangzhou has seen tremendous growth in the 4 years I’ve lived in this region. In my recent visit to Guangzhou, almost 3 years after my last visit, I was surprised to see just how much Guangzhou has changed. The Asian Games 2012 cleaned the city and brought in huge investments, and all over Guangzhou you can see countless skyscrapers and very modern architecture that would make any world city jealous.


Examples? Sure, head over to Zhujiang New Town, the center of Guangzhou’s banking and finance where over 30 skyscrapers and new gorgeous public buildings have been erected in just the past 2 years.

A walk around that area is humbling. There is no where anywhere in the world that has done what they’ve achieved in such a short time and with such a display of wealth and design.


Take this next building for example…


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (14)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (22)


That’s the Guangzhou public library. Yes, a library.



Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (21)


Looks like a posh shopping mall, and the facilities are top notch.


More? sure, here’s the new…


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (30)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (33)


Opera House. Any world class city needs one, or atleast one.


Not convinced with the scale of growth? Take a look at the main square…


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (15)


All these skyscrapers were not there just a couple of years ago, and as you can see, there are still some in the process.

That fountain, BTW, can dance… (watch the video below)


In the background, a slightly older building, 4-5 years or so, the Guangzhou needle slash observation tower…


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (24)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (11)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (37)


A skyscraper for the sole purpose of being a skyscraper.


So, generally, the Zhujiang New Town is a place worth visiting to witness the power of Chinese economy…


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (26)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (32)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (10)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (34)


To wrap up my tour, I went up the Guangzhou IFC for breathtaking views of Guangzhou – the 4 Seasons Hotel. It’s very luxurious.


Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (44)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (45)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (41)

Zhujiang New Town -Guangzhou (48)

And I especially recommend a visit to the washroom with the transparent windows. There’s nothing like letting yourself go while looking down at the world from the 100th floor.


Also in the area, is the new Guangzhou Museum I covered in a previous post. Be sure to pop in for a visit if you’re there.

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