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Yangon Yangon Rooftop Bar scenic views: Burma

One of the best places to see Yangon from above is the Yangon Yangon rooftop bar (Sky Bistro) at the top of the Sakura tower, the tallest building in Yangon at the moment. It’s expensive, in local terms, 10,000ks entrace which includes one drink, but if you make it to happy hour that drops significantly (6000, if I remember right), and the chillout atmosphere with the grand views away from the hustle bustle of the crazy city is well worth it. Sunset time is particularly pleasant, when the blazing hot 35-40c temperatures cool off a bit and the sun isn’t as hostile, and that’s when also you’ll get to see the city light up, with the temple pagoda turning bright gold against the city lights. Also, a great way to get your bearings around this city, see the (almost inaccessible) river and ongoing boat traffic and the massive development this city is currently undergoing.


This is what the place looks like…



And this is what you would see from the top…





Good place to chill. I’d eat and drink before getting there, and try to aim at their happy hour time if you’re a tight budget.

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