There’s lots to see and do in Washington DC and everything is really top notch attractions. Even though I was only there for a few days I was able to see much of what Washington DC has to offer.


Around Washington DC (54).JPG


To summarize my Washington DC trip, here are some of the highlights I posted about previously of what I saw around Washington (+ suggested itinerary):


Day trips I took that are just outside Washington:


Other Washington DC places I’ve been to but haven’t posted about  since photos were not allowed inside:

  • The Washington DC Mall.
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – an important museum and somewhat different from the Israeli Yad-Vashem and other holocaust memorials I’ve been to. A must.
  • National Museum of the American Indians – a small little museums about the native Americans. A sad sad story.
  • China Town – a very small area in Washington DC, but still worth a walk.
  • International Spy Museum – an overpriced over-commercialized little museum. Only if you have bored kids that drive you crazy in the other wonderful museums in Washington DC.
  • Georgetown and the Theodor Roosevelt Island
  • Union Station – not only for the trains. Has some nice shopping inside and some open street markets and performances on the weekends.
  • Alexandria and Old Town. Good restaurants, a very pleasant walk around a lovely neighborhood (on the way to Mount Vernon).


Shows I’ve seen :

  • A concert at the Kennedy Center Hall.
  • Liberty Smith – a cute little theater going through the highlights of the American history of freedom. Runs at the lovely Washington DC Ford Theater, and there’s a museum on the lower floor.
  • The Moscows Of Nantucket – Was playing at the local Jewish community center in Dupont and it had decent reviews, so we figured we might as well have a look …. turned out to be a better show than I expected.


Where I’ve stayed :

  • Silver Springs – My uncle and aunt’s Sabbatical apartment residing with a lively Jewish community.
  • Dupont Cirlce – to get closer to where the action is I stayed with Hilton for 3 days. Was likely to get this for a hotel bid at less than a 100US$ at peak season.


And I do believe this was just barely scratching the surface of what Washington DC has to offer.


My suggested 5 days itinerary :

  • Day 1 : State Capitol, Library of Congress, Botanical Gardens, and a walk up the DC Mall (White House, Lincoln, etc.)
  • Day 2 & 5 : Museums are hard to get through unless you’re really patient. Select yourself the more relevant museums for you, and spread those over 2 days. Make sure you have long breaks between the museums, especially the more emotionally demanding ones (Holocaust).
  • Day 3 : Day trip to Arlington, Mount Vernon. Make a stop at Alexandria.
  • Day 4 : Chinatown, George Town or any of the many lovely DC neighborhoods. The outdoor Zoo might be a good diversion.
  • Day 5 : See day 2.


To wrap things up, here are random photos of the beautiful American capital city – Washington DC…

Around Washington DC (24).JPG

Around Washington DC (25).JPG

Around Washington DC (33).JPG

Around Washington DC (48).JPG

Around Washington DC (14).JPG

Around Washington DC (16).JPG



Around Washington DC (12).JPG




Around Washington DC (38).JPG

Around Washington DC (44).JPG

Around Washington DC (36).JPG

Around Washington DC (39).JPG

Around Washington DC (40).JPG

Around Washington DC (46).JPG

Around Washington DC (51).JPG


A big thanks to my father who joined me on this wonderful urban trip and made it a very pleasurable experience.


Hope that’s helpful. Any comments, suggestions or other recommendations are very welcome.

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